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OLD TIME RADIO - 2 CD - 184 mp3 - Total Playtime: 66:28:32

A collection of Old Time Radio about Prisoners, Prisons, and Jails Stories. From Dramas to comedies, jail stories were part of every day radio listeners.


Abbott & Costello 44-10-19 Lou Goes to Jail
Academy Award 46-07-17 The Prisoner of Zenda
Adventures of Horatio Hornblower 52-12-19 The Prisoner in 1811
Adventures of Horatio Hornblower 53-04-10 the Prisoner of the French on the Peek
Adventures of Horatio Hornblower 53-05-29 the Prisoner and Rescue of Spanish
Afloat with the Abbotts - Jeffrey Saves A Prisonered Named Hero
Amos and Andy 29-06-23 Andy And King fish Visit Amos In Jail
Amos and Andy 29-06-27 Mr Taylor Bails Amos Out Of Jail
Ann of the Airlanes 1935 Ann And Jack Prisoners
Aunt Mary New Roommate in Prison
Big Jon and Sparkie - Jailed
Big Town 490215 - The Prisoner's Song
Boston Blackie - 46 05 28 The Escaped Prisoner
Boston Blackie - 46 12 03 Blackie Goeas to Jail for Diamond Theft
Boston Blackie - 47 02 11 Jailbirds Musdock and Dawson
Boston Blackie - 47 05 21 Blackie Breacks Into Prison
Boston Blackie - 48 05 05 Jackie Meers Prison Break
Brownstone Theater 45-05-16 The Prisoner of Zenda
Burns and Allen 49-02-10 Gracie Sends Sam Spade To Jail
Calling All Cars 35-01-22 San Quentin Prison Break
Calling All Cars 37-11-23 (209)The Bad Man
Calling All Detectives 48-09-20 Man Gets Out Of Prison
Calling All Detectives 49-01-20 Man Jerry Sent To Prison Is His Client
Captain Midnight 39-12-28 Taken Prisoner by Lutro and Von Grif
Captain Midnight 41-10-24 Chuck And Joyce Are Prisoners Of The Tiger Tong
Captain Midnight 44-01-24 Prisoner Of The Japs
Cavalcade of America 431227 U-Boat Prisoner
Cavalcade of America 520108 A Prisoner Named Brown
Cavalcade of America 520513 The Prisoner of Castle Thunder
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 75-09-16 The Prison Of Glass
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 77-04-22 The Prisoner of Zenda
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 78-08-18 Our Own Jailer
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 80-01-16 Prisoner of Machines
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 82-06-28 Escape To Prison
Cecil and Sally - Cecil Might Go to Jail
Challenge of the Yukon 46-08-29 Preston Goes to Jail
Challenge of the Yukon 50-02-06 Jailbreak
Chase - The Jailbreak
Chase 53-02-22 The Jailbreak
Chase And Sanborn Hour 37-06-06 (05) Guest - Constance Bennett
Cisco Kid 540218 The Jail Rush
Cisco Kid 54-02-18 The Jail Rush
Cisco Kid 540720 Jail Break
Cisco Kid 54-07-20 Jail Break
Cisco Kid 580313 The Burning Of The Jail
Cisco Kid 58-03-13 The Burning Of The Jail
Columbia Workshop 390220 Nine Prisoners
Couple Next Door 19581015 208-In Jail
Danger with Grainger - Out of Jail for Christmas
David Harum 450810 - Miss Grey A Prisoner
Democracy in America 62-03-07 The Heavenly Prison
Dennis Day 47-10-01 Dennis Tries to Enlist Support for a New Jail
Diamond of Asher 350607 King Sutens New Prisoners
Dr Sixgun 54-10-07 - Fred Garth Jailed for Murder
Dr. Christian 380320 Story of Prisoners Child
Encore Theater 460813 Prisoner of Shark Island
Family Theater 50-05-31 The Prisoner of Zenda
Famous Escapes - Mary, Queen Of Scots, Escapes From Prison
Fibber McGee And Molly 43-05-18 McGee Steals a Car and Goes to Jail
Five Minutes Mystery - Blind Confession aka Prison Murder
Freedom USA 52-09-28 41 Prison Reform Bill [Riot in Cell Block 14] Missing 1st 6 min
Front Page Drama 390317 Jail For The Model Wife
Frontier Gentleman 58-06-08 The Bellboy's Prisoner
Frontier Town - Jailbird Rangers
Gang Busters 460511 0433 The Case of the Alcatraz Prison Riot
Gang Busters 460511 The Case Of the Alcatraz Prison Riot
Great Gildersleeve 41-10-05 Investigate the City Jail
Greatest Of These - Ex-Client Sam Crenshaw Is out of Prison
Green Hornet 490201 Poor Substitutes for a Prison
Green Lama 49-08-20 The Case of the Patient Prisoner
Gunsmoke 52-06-14 Jailbait Janet
Hallmark Playhouse 51-09-20 The Prisoner of Zenda
Hearts In Harmony 46-10-01 Freddie Escapes From Jail
Hearts In Harmony 46-10-28 Penny Held Prisoner
High Adventure (SA) Prisoner
Hop Harrigan 45-11-08 Prisoner in Nazi Camp in Mongolia
Hopalong Cassidy 51-06-09 A Jailer Named Satan
In the Name of the Law 360621 Red Ryans Prison Break
Jack Benny Program 36-01-19 (203) Jack and Johnny Are in Jail
Jean Shepherd Show 65-02-08 Prison Newspapers
Jerry of the Circus 37 Jerry In Jail
Jimmie Allen - Jailed In Cuba
Johnson Family - Back to Jail
Johnson Family 49-09-21 Brother Johnson Fears That He's Going to Jail for Twenty Years, but Lawyer
Judy Canova Show 43-10-12 Jailed Breaking into Cary Grant's House
Jungle Jim 39-09-02 Lil Taken Prisoner
Jungle Jim 41-11-15 Kolu Takes a Prisoner, Jim Swims To Ship
Jungle Jim 44-09-23 Prisoners of the Japanese, But Not For Long
Land of The Lost 47-12-13 Prisoner of Tides
Life of Riley 48 06 26 Vacation on Prison Farm
Lone Ranger 38-08-26 Jailed for Rustling
Lone Ranger 39-03-31 Ranger Jailed For Murder
Lone Ranger 43-08-02 Cottonwood Jail Delivery
Lone Ranger 47-05-19 Jail for Sale
Lone Ranger 47-08-06 Jail Breaker
Lone Ranger 52-09-17 Jailbreak
Lone Ranger 53-12-23 Railroad to Prison
Lone Ranger 54-08-27 3374 Crime Wave aka Wilson Brothers Escape Jail
Lum and Abner - Lum Hates Jail
Lum and Abner 350212 Lum Arrested and Jailed
Lum and Abner 350213 Dick Gets Lum Out Of Jail
Lum and Abner 360119 Jack And Johnny Are in Jail
Lum and Abner 400105 Lum Escapes from Prison
Lum and Abner 420122 Lum_Is_In_Jail
Lum and Abner 420323 Lum_And_Abner_Worry_About_Jail
Lum and Abner 420324 Cedric_Escapes_From_Jail
Lum and Abner 430819 Lum and Abner Mind the Jail
Lum and Abner 440529 Phinus Takes Waves Prisoner
Lum and Abner 440808 Abner Minds The Jail
Lum and Abner 450718 Locked in Jail Cell
Lum and Abner 460730 Abner Jails Lum
Lum and Abner 480809 Lum and Abner in Jail Because of Peculiar Behavior
Lum and Abner 530323 Lum and Abner Worry About Going to Jail
Lux Radio Theater 380502 The Prisoner of Shark Island
Lux Radio Theater 390605 Prisoner of Zenda
Magic Island - Engineer Peterson Is Taken Prisoner
Mandrake The Magician 41-03-10 Lothar and Narda are Prisoners
March of Time 380210 Washerwoman Wins Golf Crown
Moon over Africa 35-05-18 Prisoners in the Palace
Mr Keen 540621 the shrieking prisoner murder case part 1
Mr Keen 540623 the shrieking prisoner murder case part 2
Mr Keen 540624 the shrieking prisoner murder case part 3
Mr Keen 540625 the shrieking prisoner murder case part 4
New National Guard Show - The Prison Escort
Nick Carter 43-10-18 The Case of the State's Prison Evidence
Passing Parade 49-xx-xx Prisoner of the Night
Perry Mason 51-12-03 Perry at The Woman's Prison
Perry Mason 54-08-02 At the City Jail
Perry Mason 54-08-05 At the Women's Jail
Perry Mason 54-08-06 Outside the Women's Jail
Perry Mason 54-08-19 At the Women's Jail
Perry Mason 54-08-20 At the Women's Jail
Perry Mason 54-08-23 At the Women's Jail
Perry Mason 54-08-27 At the Women's Jail
Perry Mason 54-09-01 At the Women's Jail
Perry Mason 54-09-02 At Women's Jail and Perry's Office
Perry Mason 54-09-07 At The Women's Jail
Planet Man - Back to the Prison Cell
Planet Man - Dantro Frees Prisoners
Radio Readers Digest 470724 Prisoner of the Night
Radio Readers Digest 470828 Dear Mother, I'm in Jail
Ranger Bill 56-12-12 The Ice Prison
Ranger Bill xx-xx-xx A Prisoner On Ice Island
Red Ryder 85-01-21 Red Ryder Jailed
Red Ryder 85-02-17 Jane Held Prisoner By Ace Hanlon
Redbook Dramas 32-07-28 Kiss and Jail
Ripley's One Minute Mystery - Ruler in Jail
Saint 501119 Murder Plot in Prison
Sam Spade 51-03-09 The Spanish Prisoner Caper (NBC)
Scarlet Pimpernel - Andre Pinard, French Prisoner
Scarlet Pimpernel - The Rescue of Dr Minote From Prison
Screen's Director Playhouse - 49-02-20 Prisoner Of Zenda
Shadow of Fu Manchu 390529 Prisoners of Fu Manchu
Shadow of Fu Manchu 390823 Grebble And Smith Prisoners
Smiths of Hollywood 47-06-27 (25) Bill Ends up in Jail
Soldiers of the Press 45-06-17 Eddie Beattie-Prisoner of War
Space Patrol-53-04-25 Prisoner of Pluto
Space Patrol-54-09-18 Prisoners of Tiranna
Space Patrol-55-01-08 Prison Planet
Speed Gibson 37-06-19 Prisoners on the Flower Boat
Speed Gibson 37-11-13 Al Taken Prisoner
Speed Gibson 38-03-05 The Secret Police Are Jailed
Speed Gibson 38-07-30 Marsha Winfield Held Prisoner
Speed Gibson 39-07-29 A Ring Gets Them out of Jail
Stand By for Crime 53-xx-xx Prisoners of the Revolution
Stella Dallas - Paul Wyman Is Keeping His Daughter Celia Prisoner
Stoneman Family - Tupelo County Jail
Superman 40-03-18 The Prison Riot
Suspense 510903 The Steel River Prison Break
Suspense 580727 The Steel River Prison Break
Sweeney And March 47-09-20 Prison Work Farm
Tales of the Texas Rangers 52-05-25 Jailbird
Texaco Town 37-10-06 The Prisoner of Zenda
Theater Five 65-07-06 Jailbreak
This is your FBI 450427 Nazi War Prison
This is your FBI 501006 Prisoner of War
Tom Corbett, Space Cadett 520527 43 Revolt at Prison Rock Part 1
Tom Corbett, Space Cadett 520529 44 Revolt at Prison Rock Part 2
Unexpected 48-09-12 (122) Jailbreak
Vincent Price - Alcatraz
Whistler 471105 284 The Big Prison
Whistler 550707 682 The Big Prison
Wild Bill Hickok 52-11-21 Hang Town Jail
Words at War-430807 Prisoner of the Japs





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