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LD TIME RADIO - 2 CD-ROM - 186 mp3 - Total Playtime: 74:30:12

A collection of the best Old Time Radio about Mothers, Grandmothers, Mothers in Law and various shows about Mothers.

Mother's Day is a celebration that honors mothers and motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. It is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world, most commonly in March, April, or May. It complements Father's Day, a celebration honoring fathers.

Celebrations of mothers and motherhood occur throughout the world. Many of these trace back to ancient festivals, like the Greek cult to Cybele, the Roman festival of Hilaria, or the Christian Mothering Sunday celebration. However, the modern holiday is an American invention and not directly descended from these celebrations. Despite this, in some countries Mother's Day has become synonymous with these older traditions.
Julia Ward Howe was the first to proclaim Mother's Day in 1870. Her Mother's Day Proclamation was a pacifist reaction to the American Civil War and the Franco-Prussian War. The modern holiday of Mother's Day was first celebrated in 1908, when Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother in America. She then began a campaign to make "Mother's Day" a recognized holiday in the United States. Although she was successful in 1914, she was already disappointed with its commercialization by the 1920s. Jarvis' holiday was adopted by other countries and it's now celebrated all over the world.
In 1912, Anna Jarvis trademarked the phrases "second Sunday in May" and "Mother's Day", and created the Mother's Day International Association.

She was specific about the location of the apostrophe; it was to be a singular possessive, for each family to honor their mother, not a plural possessive commemorating all mothers in the world.

This is also the spelling used by U.S. President Woodrow Wilson in the law making official the holiday in the United States, by the U.S. Congress on bills, and by other U.S. presidents on their declarations.

Common usage in English language also dictates that the ostensibly singular possessive "Mother's Day" is the preferred spelling, although "Mothers' Day" (plural possessive) or "Mothers Day" (plural non-possessive) are sometimes used.
Nine years after the first official United States Mother's Day, commercialization of the holiday became so rampant that Anna Jarvis herself became a major opponent of what the holiday had become and spent all her inheritance and the rest of her life fighting what she saw as an abuse of the celebration.

Later commercial and other exploitations of the use of Mother's Day infuriated Jarvis and she made her criticisms explicitly known the rest of her life. She criticized the practice of purchasing greeting cards, which she saw as a sign of being too lazy to write a personal letter. She was arrested in 1948 for disturbing the peace while protesting against the commercialization of Mother's Day, and she finally said that she "wished she would have never started the day because it became so out of control ...".

Mother's Day continues to be one of the most commercially successful U.S. occasions.

It is possible that the holiday would have withered over time without the support and continuous promotion of the florist industries and other commercial industries. Other Protestant holidays from the same time, like Children's Day and Temperance Sunday, do not have the same level of popularity. Mother's Day is also prominent in the Sunday comic strips in the newspapers of the United States, ranging from sentimental to wry to caustic.


Ada Jones - Columbia-1771 (45679) - Mother May I Go In For a Swim (1915).mp3
Ada Jones-Mother May I Go In For a Swim.mp3
Aladdin Lamp - First Tune - Youre a Wonderful Mother.mp3
Alan Young Show - 470509 Typical American Mother.mp3
Aldrich Family 40-05-07 Mothers Day.mp3
Aldrich Family 48-04-29 Mothers Day.mp3
Amanda Of Honeymoon Hill - Grandmothers Fight Over Grandchild.mp3
Amos and Andy - 49-10-16 Charmaign Larue and Her Mother.mp3
Amos and Andy - 51-01-21 Mama and Mr Smithers Pt1.mp3
Amos and Andy - 51-04-22 Mother in Law Dear.mp3
Amos and Andy - 53-02-01 Mama And Percival Jackson.mp3
Amos and Andy - 54-04-25 Mamas Romance with Regeniald Dewithers.mp3
Amos and Andy - 54-10-10 Mamas Night Out.mp3
Amos and Andy - 55-03-20 Kingfishs Mother In Law Kicks Him Out.mp3
Amos and Andy - 55-10-08 Mamas Flooded Cottage.mp3
Andy Russell Show 47-02-27 Manhattan Mother.mp3
Arthur Godfrey - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.mp3
Arthur Smiths Corner Store - First Tune - Mama, Come Get Your Baby Boy.mp3
Betty and Bob 47-12-12 Betty and her mother discuss Bobs plans.mp3
Big Sister 44-06-07 - Richard Speaks to His Mother By Telephone.mp3
Bing Crosby And Andrews Sisters Pistol Packing Mama.mp3
Bing Crosby Show 60-03-17 - First Song - Did Your Mother Come From Ireland.mp3
Box 13 48-10-10 Double Mothers.mp3
Cab Calloway-Beale Street Mama.mp3
Cavalcade of America - 390403 159 The Pioneer Mother Eliza Ann Brooks.mp3
Cavalcade of America - 461202 500 Mother of Freedom.mp3
Cavalcade of America - 490404 606 Citizen Mama.mp3
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 74-01-30 Mother Love.mp3
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 74-01-30 0025 Mother Love.mp3
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 77-10-03 Mother Knows Best.mp3
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 77-10-03 0719 Mother Knows Best.mp3
Chandu 33-05-30 (322) Bob & Betty Worried About Their Mother.mp3
Clitheroe Kid - 720528 1602 Why Mothers Leave Home.mp3
Dr Christian - 371212 Mother-In-Law Story.mp3
Dr Christian - 451003 Love to Mama.mp3
Dragnet 49-11-24 Mrs Rinard Albert Barry - Mother-In-Law Murder.mp3
Dragnet 50-11-09 The Big Mother.mp3
Dragnet 53-10-06 The Big Little Mother.mp3
Eternal Light 61-03-19 The Trial of the Two Mothers.mp3
Everybodys Been Some Mothers Darling (1937).mp3
Family Theater 48-05-06 Mothers Halo Was Tight.mp3
Family Theater 53-05-06 Mother of All.mp3
Father Knows Best - 510621 Mother Drives a Car.mp3
Front Page Drama 360904 Mothers Millions.mp3
Front Page Drama 391217 The Worlds Worst Mother In Law.mp3
Front Page Drama 400614 One Man s Mother.mp3
Front Page Drama 410425 Mountain Mother.mp3
Front Page Drama 520629 - Mother Jones.mp3
Gene Autry - A Man Called Mother Miller.mp3
Gene Autry - Mama Maria Needs Help.mp3
Goodbye Mama Iam Off to Yokohama.mp3
Great Gildersleeve 44-01-23 Does Leroy Need a Mother.mp3
Great Gildersleeve 44-06-04 Eves Mother Arrives.mp3
Great Gildersleeve 44-06-11 Dinner for Eves Mother.mp3
Great Gildersleeve 44-06-18 Eves Mother Stays On.mp3
Great Gildersleeve 49-03-02 Leroys Girl-Friend and Her Mother.mp3
Grimms Fairy Tales - The Dragon and His Grandmother.mp3
Grouchos Mother.mp3
Gunsmoke 56-11-11 Pretty Mama.mp3
Gunsmoke 60-09-18 (441) Two Mothers.mp3
Gunsmoke 60-09-18 Two Mothers.mp3
Hallmark Playhouse 49-05-05 Mother.mp3
Hallmark Playhouse 50-12-28 Patrick Calls Me Mother.mp3
Hallmark Playhouse 51-05-10 A Mans Mother.mp3
Harold Perry Show - 510207 - Harolds Mother Has a Suitor.mp3
Heres Morgan 420507 Clearing Things Up Before Mothers Day.mp3
Hillbilly Boys - Bear Cat Mama.mp3
Honest Harold 51-02-07 Mothers Suitor.mp3
Hoosier Hot Shots - Mama Dont Allow Hoosier Hot Shots.mp3
Hoosier Hot Shots - Mother Hoosier Hot Shots.mp3
Hoosier Hot Shots - Pistol Packing Mama Hoosier Hot Shots.mp3
In the name of the Law - 360614 03 I Dreamed Mother Was Poisoned.mp3
It Pays to be Ignorant - 451207 166 What is A Mother in Law.mp3
Its A Crime, Mr Collins - AUS 57-10-28 Red Hot Mama, The.mp3
Jack Benny - 37-05-09 Mothers Day Program.mp3
Jack Benny - 380508 Mothers Day Show.mp3
Jack Benny - 38-05-08 Mothers Day Show.mp3
Jack Benny - 391015 Dennis Mother Interferes With The Show.mp3
Jack Benny - 39-10-15 Dennis Mother Interferes with the Show.mp3
Jack Benny - 431212 Dennis Mother Visits.mp3
Jack Benny - 43-12-12 Dennis Mother Visits.mp3
Jack Benny - 500514 Mothers Day Gags.mp3
Jack Benny - 50-05-14 Mothers Day Gags.mp3
Jack Benny - 51-11-25 Jack and Mary See Golden Girl With Dennis Mother.mp3
Jack Benny - 54-02-07 Dennis Is Told To Quit The Show By His Mother.mp3
Kay Fairchild, Stepmother 41-02-18 Mother Asks Doctor About Kay.mp3
Kraft Music Hall 43-12-16 First Song - Pistol Packin Mama, Guest - Phil Silvers, Joan Davis.mp3
Let George Do It 48-06-21 ep087 The Unfit Mother.mp3
Life of Riley 44 05 14 Riley Fixes Dinner for Mothers Day.mp3
Life of Riley 45 05 13 Rileys Mother-In-Law Visits.mp3
Life of Riley 46 05 11 Junior Forgets Mothers Day.mp3
Life of Riley 47 05 10 Mother s Day Speech.mp3
Life of Riley 48 05 08 Mothers Day Present Explained.mp3
Life of Riley 50 05 12 Mothers Day.mp3
Life with Luigi 51-10-02 Mama Thinks Luigi Is A Millionaire.mp3
Line Up - Mr Matthews Mother Is Missing.mp3
Lone Ranger - 43-08-11 The Motherlode.mp3
Lone Ranger - 46-02-15 Mother Carey.mp3
Lone Ranger - 50-03-29 Mother Calhoun.mp3
Lum and Abner - 420421 Mousey Wants Mother to Move.mp3
Lux Radio Theater - 400122 Bachelor Mother.mp3
Lux Radio Theater - 400408 Mama Loves Papa.mp3
Lux Radio Theater - 480202 Mother Wore Tights.mp3
Lux Radio Theater - 480830 I Remember Mama.mp3
Lux Radio Theater - 491017 Mother Was a Freshman.mp3
Lux Radio Theater - 541116 Mother Didnt Tell Me.mp3
Mothers Crazy Quilt.mp3
Mr District Attorney 51-07-25 Case of Mothers Helper.mp3
Mr Keen - 520410 The Mother's Plea Murder Case.mp3
Music and the Muse 490508 - Mother .mp3
My Favorite Husband - 480903 Lizs Mother Has Second Thoughts.mp3
My Favorite Husband - 490304 Mother In Law.mp3
My Favorite Husband - 510224 The Two Mothers In Law.mp3
Myrt and Marge 460404 - Myrt and Marge Eat at Mama Mias.mp3
Navy Lark 1963-04-19 The Mother In Law Visits .mp3
Old Comedy Theater - 441224 009 Bachelor Mother.mp3
One Mans Family 51-05-22 B085C22 Mother and Daughter Talk It Out.mp3
Order in the Court 53-02-05 Mans faith and love for his crippled second wife and son are being poisoned by his grandmother.mp3
Our Miss Brooks - Audition 2 - 48-05-08 - Mothers Day.mp3
Our Miss Brooks 51-05-13 Bargain Hats for Mothers Day.mp3
Ozzie and Harriet - 651107 Another Mother for Ozzie.mp3
Pepper Youngs Family - Carter Talks With His Mother.mp3
Pepper Youngs Family - Peggy And Her Mother Talk.mp3
Perry Mason 54-02-24 Kate Tells Mother about Her Job.Mp3
Perry Mason 54-03-24 Kate Tells Her Mother About Gus.Mp3
Perry Mason 54-05-17 Suzanne Barkley Told Mother Alive.MP3
Perry Mason 54-05-24 Gus Had Threatened Suzanne and Her Mother.MP3
Perry Mason Kates Mother Tells.mp3
Peter Troy 64-11-17 The Red-Hot Mama.mp3
Phil Harris 49-05-08 Mothers Day Present.mp3
Phil Harris 50-05-14 Mothers Day.mp3
Phil Harris and Alice Faye 49 05 08 Mothers Day Present mp.mp3
Phil Harris and Alice Faye 50 05 14 MOTHERS DAY.mp3
Pinto Pete And His Ranch Boys - First Song - Mothers Crazy Quilt.mp3
Pinto Pete In Arizona - First Song - Baby Your Mother.mp3
Radio City Playhouse 49 09 11 Mother.mp3
Radio Readers Digest - 470828 Dear Mother, Im in Jail.mp3
Red Skelton Show 49-05-06 Mothers Day.mp3
Red Skelton Show 50-05-14 Mothers Day.mp3
Ripleys Believe It or Not - Motherhood.mp3
Ripleys Believe It or Not - Mamas Boy.mp3
Ripleys Believe It or Not - Mother Goose Stories.mp3
Screen Directors Playhouse 51-03-08 Bachelor Mother.mp3
Screen Directors Playhouse 51-08-30 Mother Was a Freshman.mp3
Screen Guild Theater - 42-02-01 Bachelor Mother.mp3
Screen Guild Theater - 42-11-23 Bachelor Mother.mp3
Screen Guild Theater - 46-05-06 Bachelor Mother.mp3
Screen Guild Theater - 49-04-28 Bachelor Mother.mp3
Spike Jones-Mommy Wont You Buy A Baby Brother.mp3
Stand By for Crime - Baby Betsys Mother.mp3
Suspense - 590104 Dont Call Me Mother.mp3
Texaco Star Theatre 420726 - First Song The Mamas With The Moolah.mp3
The Ave Maria Hour Mother Cabrini.mp3
The Ave Maria Hour Mother Frances Schervier.mp3
The Ave Maria Hour Mother Lurana Of Graymoor.mp3
The Ave Maria Hour The Fourth Commandment - Honor Thy Father And Thy Mother - Pt 4.mp3
The Ave Maria Hour The Mothers Gift.mp3
The Burns and Allen Show 48-05-20 Gracies Mother Visits.mp3
The Goons - Hello, mothers, housewives.mp3
The Goons - In Here, Agent Knees Up Mother Brown!.mp3
The Hillbilly Boys - First Song - Little Mother Of The Hill.mp3
The Light Crust Doughboys - Beer Drinking Mama.mp3
The Light Crust Doughboys - Mama Gets What She Wants.mp3
The Light Crust Doughboys - Mama Wont Let Me.mp3
The Light Crust Doughboys - Mean Mean Mama.mp3
The Voyage of the Scarlet Queen - The Barefoot Nymph and the Mother Hubbard Jacket.mp3
The Yiddish Radio Project - Oh Mama I M So in Love.mp3
Theater Five 65-02-19 Listen, Mother.mp3
Theater Five 65-06-01 Mamas Girl.mp3
Theater Five 65-06-28 Custody of the Mother.mp3
Theater of Romance - 44-11-21 079 Bachelor Mother.mp3
This is your FBI - 51-05-25 321 Old Mother Larceny.mp3
This is your FBI - 52-12-05 401 Mamas Boy.mp3
Thriller Playhouse - Some Mothers Son 1 of 6 Thriller Playhouse.mp3
Thriller Playhouse - Some Mothers Son 2 of 6 Thriller Playhouse.mp3
Thriller Playhouse - Some Mothers Son 3 of 6 Thriller Playhouse.mp3
Thriller Playhouse - Some Mothers Son 4 of 6 Thriller Playhouse.mp3
Thriller Playhouse - Some Mothers Son 5 of 6 Thriller Playhouse.mp3
Thriller Playhouse - Some Mothers Son 6 of 6 Thriller Playhouse.mp3
Topper 45 08 30 Malvenas Mother Visits.mp3
UN Radio 75-xx-xx For Mother And Child.mp3
Vic and Sade 40-07-04 Mr Sludge Calls His Mother.mp3
Vic and Sade 44-09-07 Mysterious Mother-of-pearl Box.mp3
Whispering Streets - A Hateful Mother.mp3
Words at War-431214-27-Mother America.mp3
You Were There 56-01-29 Wanted - A Mother.mp3





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