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OLD TIME RADIO - 1 CD - 97 mp3 - Total Playtime: 34:00:30

A collection of Old Time Radio of kidnapping stories. In criminal law, kidnapping is the taking away or transportation of a person against that person's will, usually to hold the person in false imprisonment, a confinement without legal authority. This may be done for ransom or in furtherance of another crime, or in connection with a child custody dispute. When it is done with legal authority, it is often called arrest or imprisonment.

Adventures of Jungle Jim 42-03-21 (334) Shanghai Lil Kidnapped
Adventures of Jungle Jim 42-06-13 (348) Jim and Kolu Crack Kidnapping Gang
Adventures of Santa Claus - Kent Kidnapped
Air Adventures of Jimmie Allen 37-xx-xx Barbara Kidnapped
Air Adventures of Jimmie Allen 37-xx-xx Kidnapped by Moto's Gang
Babe Ruth 340625 Kidnapped
Big Jon and Sparkie (17) Miss Dilly Kidnapped From the Church
Big Jon and Sparkie (18) The Great Kidnap Mystery
Big Jon and Sparkie (24) The Kidnappers Double Back Triple Back
Big Jon and Sparkie (27) The Kidnapping Case Continues
Big Jon and Sparkie (28) The Kidnapping Case Continues - Part 2
Big Jon and Sparkie (31) The Kidnapped Car is Sighted (runs short)
Big Jon and Sparkie (36) The Kidnappers Escape Again
Boston Blackie 45-11-22 Blackie Kidnapped
Boston Blackie 47-04-22 Millicent Bromley Kidnapped
Boston Blackie 49-03-16 Kidnapped Murderer
Burns and Allen 40-09-30 George Is Kidnapped by a Gangster
Calling All Cars 1934 01 17 Steele Kidnapping
Calling All Cars 1934 05 15 Getty Kidnapping Case
Calling All Cars 1935 09 25 Hollywood Kidnapping
Calling All Cars 1937 07 07 Kidnapped
Calling All Detectives 49-04-29 Businessman's Kidnapping Investigated
Cavalcade of America 430222 The Plot to Kidnap General Washington
CBS European News 40-09-21 - No News From California Copper Heir Kidnapper
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 82-02-17 The Washington Kidnap
Chandu 48-07-16 (015) Betty Is Kidnapped
Charlie Chan - Charlies Daughter Is Kidnapped
Claudia 49-03-04 Kidnapped For Dinner
Cruise Of The Poll Parrot - 1938-05-07 Annabelle Kidnapped By The Savages
Dangerous Assignment 50-12-09 Berlin Kidnapping
Dick Tracy 380224 Junior Kidnapped
Dick Tracy 380414 Junior Is Kidnapped
Dr Christian 380102 Kidnapped Husband - Amos Spills the Beans
Dr Kildare 51-01-05 Eddie Lazetti Kidnaps Nurse
Dr Savage 850930 Fear Cay pt 1 Kidnapped
Dragnet 49-09-10 Sullivan Kidnapping
Ellery Queen Minute Mysteries - Kidnap Caper
Fibber McGee 500307 Olie Is Kidnapped
Gang Busters 351005 Boettcher Kidnapping Case GMen
Gang Busters 471004 The Case of the Kidnapped Paymaster aka The Case of the Seigel Kidnapping
Gene Autry - A Young Girl Is Kidnapped
Gene Autry - Gene's Friend Carol Is Kidnapped
Gene Autry - Pat Is Kidnapped - (First Song - Cowboy Joe)
General Mill Radio Theater 770205 - Kidnapped
Gunsmoke 59-06-14 Kittys Kidnap
Hearts In Harmony 46-08-14 Rogers Suspects Kidnapping
Hearts In Harmony 46-10-25 Penny Kidnapped
Hollywood Star Time 46-04-28 Kidnapped
Hopalong Cassidy 51-05-05 Kidnappers Trail
I Love Adventure 48-05-30-06 The Finishing School Kidnapping
Jonathan Thomas 38-11-29 Santa Claus Is Kidnapped By The Squeebbublians
Jump Jump and the Ice Queen 48-11-29 Santas Reindeer Kidnapped
Lineup 510619 Lieutenant Guthrie Kidnapped akaTheater Hold Ups
Lineup 520715 The Twitching TwistsTwentyTwo Tweaking Case akaMissing Girl Kidnapping
Lineup 520722 The Drinkler Kidnapping Case akaDrinkler Kidnapping found
Lineup 521112 Girl Kidnapped
Lineup 521119 Restaurant Owner Kidnapped
Lone Ranger 38-05-06 Kidnapped Boy
Lone Ranger 38-10-23 Indian Agent Kidnapped
Lone Ranger 40-01-19 Mysterious Kidnappings
Lone Ranger 42-07-01 Kidnapped
Lum and Abner 35-09-04 Abner's Fake Kidnapping
Lum and Abner 35-09-05 Blunder Kidnapping
Lum and Abner 35-09-06 Kidnapping Has Town in Uproar
Lum and Abner 35-09-09 Trapping The Kidnappers
Lum and Abner 42-12-17 Cedric Kidnapped at Wedding
Myrt and Marge 46-04-17 Marge Kidnapped By Houston Gang
Nightwatch 54-11-11 Kidnap
Planet Man - Kidnapping Order
Police Headquarters - Laundry Truck Kidnapping
Richard Diamond 50-07-26 The Martha Campbell Kidnap Case
Richard Diamond 50-10-18 Lt Levinson Kidnapped
Richard Diamond 53-09-27 Diamond id Beaten and Kidnapped
Shadow of Fu Manchu 39-05-29 Kidnapped
Shadow of Fu Manchu 39-07-10 Kidnapped
Shadow of Fu Manchu 39-09-07 Rima Kidnapped
Shadow of Fu Manchu 42-06-13 Threatening Notes And A Kidnapping
Sonny and Buddy - 350127 - Betty Kidnapped
Speed Gibson 37-01-30 The Octopus Orders a Kidnapping
Speed Gibson 37-04-24 Marsha Is Kidnapped
Speed Gibson 38-04-09 Kidnapping Plans
Speed Gibson 38-04-16 Barney Kidnapped
Squad Cars - 69-05-30 - Kidnap
Stand By for Crime 53-xx-xx The Kidnapper's New Shoes
Superman 450411 Happylands Farms-Jim and Alfred Kidnapped
Suspicion - Kidnappers
Terry and the Pirates 42-01-16 Kidnapping Mixup
Terry and the Pirates 42-02-18 Han Kidnaps April
Terry and the Pirates 42-04-09 Kidnapping
This is your FBI 45-04-20 Kidnapping - Shotgun Hadley
This is your FBI 46-01-18 The Cold Blooded Kidnapper
This is your FBI 46-04-19 Swampland Kidnapping
This is your FBI 46-08-23 The Careless Kidnapper
Unit 99 - 58-05-30 Kidnappers Investigation
World's Great Novels 48-04-30 Kidnapped - Pt.1 of 3
World's Great Novels 48-05-07 Kidnapped - Pt.2 of 3
World's Great Novels 48-05-14 Kidnapped - Pt.3 of 3





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