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OLD TIME RADIO - 2 CD - 111 mp3 - Total Playtime: 46:35:15

A great collection of the best Old Time Radio on the road horror stories. Includes legendary actors like Gregory Peck in The Lonely Road and Hich-Hike Poker, Orson Welles in The Hitch-Hiker, and Cary Grant in On A Country Road. Enjoy, and re-live what people was listening in the Golden Age of Radio. Old-Time Radio (OTR) and the Golden Age of Radio refer to a period of radio programming in the United States lasting from the proliferation of radio broadcasting in the early 1920s until television's replacement of radio as the dominant home entertainment medium in the 1950s. During this period, when radio was dominant and the airwaves were filled with a variety of radio formats and genres, people regularly tuned in to their favorite radio programs. In fact, according to a 1947 C. E. Hooper survey, 82 out of 100 Americans were found to be radio listeners.


Adventures of Sam Spade 48-01-04 The One Hour Caper
Big Town 400326 Death Rides The Highway
Big Town 490208 - Death at the Wheel
Black Mass 701130 Moonlit Road
Boston Blackie 47-05-28 The Ghost of Florence Newton
Calling All Cars 35-01-29 Necking Party Murder
Calling All Cars 35-03-12 Thou Shalt Not Kill
Calling All Cars 35-05-28 Youth Rides Rough
Calling All Cars 35-12-18 Corpse by the Road
Calling All Cars 37-01-04 Banks and Bribes
Calling All Cars 37-03-17 Hit and Run Driver
Calling All Cars 37-09-07 Tobaccoville Road
Calling All Cars 37-09-21 The Bone Button
Calling All Cars 38-04-14 The Roving Robbers
Calling All Detectives 48-07-19 Hit and Run Leads To Ancient Crime
Casey, Crime Photographer 54-01-13 The Road Angel
CBS Radio Workshop 57-03-17 The Endless Road
CBS Radio Workshop 57-09-01 Grief Drives a Black Sedan
Cisco Kid 53-03-17 Night Stage
Cisco Kid 53-09-03 The Railroad War
Cisco Kid 55-04-19 Stagecoach Race at Skeleton Bend
Clock 46-12-29 A Helping Hand
Clock 47-02-09 The Hitchhiker
Columbia Workshop 360808 Experiment Highway Incident
Creaking Door - Death on the Road
Dark Fantasy 42-03-20 Pennsylvania Turnpike
Defense Attorney 510914 Hot Rod Accident (aka-Client - Jim Leonard)
Dimension X 1950-09-01 TheRoadsMustRoll
Dr Sixgun 54-11-28 (14) Stage Holdup - Several Shot
Dragnet 49-07-14 Red Light Bandit
Dragnet 50-04-13 The Big Watch
Dragnet 50-04-20 The Big Trial
Dragnet 50-07-06 The Big Frame
Dragnet 51-06-21 The Big Run
Dragnet 51-11-08 The Big Hit and Run Killer
Dragnet 52-07-03 The Big Trio
Fort Laramie 56-04-15 Stage Coach Stop
Front Page Drama 391015 The Man Who Came Back
Gang Busters 55-04-02 Roger Kessel Shot by Hitchhikers
Green Hornet 480127 Hit and Run
Green Valley Line 34-xx-xx Treachery on the Rails
Gunsmoke 54-01-02 Stage Holdup
I Love Adventure 48-07-11-12 Hearse on the Highway
Inner Sanctum 450109 Desert Death
Inner Sanctum 451016 Till Death Do Us Part
Inner Sanctum 460507 You Could Die Laughing
Inner Sanctum 460521 Detour to Terror
Inner Sanctum 490321 Only the Dead Die Twice
Inner Sanctum 490418 The Death Deal
Inner Sanctum 490606 Death on the Highway
Inner Sanctum 490718 Deadly Fare
Inner Sanctum 500123 Hitch-Hiking Corpse
Inner Sanctum 500417 Beneficiary Death
Inner Sanctum 520831 Strange Passenger aka The Corpse In The Taxi
Inner Sanctum 520921 The Corpse Nobody Loved
It's A Crime, Mr Collins - AUS The Lost Film
Let George Do It 491128 168 No Riders
Line Up 500803 Hit Run Murder ElaineKirk
Mercury Summer Theater 46-06-21 The Hitchhiker
Nick Carter 47-04-20 The Case of the Lucrative Wrecks
Nick Carter 47-12-21 The Case of the Policy Makers
Night Surgeon (SA) Seat Belts aka Car Accident
Nightwatch 55-01-20 Smash, Turkey and Larry
Pat Novak for Hire 49-05-21 Give Envelope to John St. John
Radio City Playhouse 48-08-14 Hit and Run
Ranger Bill - The Road Ghosts
Road To Danger - Adventure In Italy
Screen Directors Playhouse 49-10-10 Criss Cross
Speed Gibson 40-03-30 Car Crash
Superman 480310 1698 The Mystery of the Stolen Costume Pt 01
Superman 480311 1699 The Mystery of the Stolen Costume Pt 02
Superman 480312 1700 The Mystery of the Stolen Costume Pt 03
Superman 480315 1701 The Mystery of the Stolen Costume Pt 04
Superman 480316 1702 The Mystery of the Stolen Costume Pt 05
Superman 480317 1703 The Mystery of the Stolen Costume Pt 06
Superman 480318 1704 The Mystery of the Stolen Costume Pt 07
Superman 480319 1705 The Mystery of the Stolen Costume Pt 08
Superman 480322 1706 The Mystery of the Stolen Costume Pt 09
Superman 480323 1707 The Mystery of the Stolen Costume Pt 10
Superman 480324 1708 The Mystery of the Stolen Costume Pt 11
Superman 480325 1709 The Mystery of the Stolen Costume Pt 12
Superman 480326 1710 The Mystery of the Stolen Costume Pt 13
Superman 480329 1711 The Mystery of the Stolen Costume Pt 14
Superman 480330 1712 The Mystery of the Stolen Costume Pt 15
Superman 480331 1713 The Mystery of the Stolen Costume Pt 16
Superman 480401 1714 The Mystery of the Stolen Costume Pt 17
Suspense 420902 011 The Hitch-Hiker with Orson Welles
Suspense 440106 073 One-Way Ride to Nowhere
Suspense 440427 089 Death Went Along for the Ride
Suspense 440713 100 The Beast Must Die
Suspense 451004 161 Death on Highway 99
Suspense 460321 185 The Lonely Road with Gregory Peck
Suspense 470206 231 End of the Road
Suspense 470501 243 Lady in Distress
Suspense 480916 307 Hitch-Hike Poker with Gregory Peck
Suspense 490203 326 Backseat Driver
Suspense 490901 348 Nightmare
Suspense 491110 358 The Murder of Aunt Delia
Suspense 501116 403 On a Country Road
Suspense 541209 On a Country Road with Harry Bartell
Suspense 550719 Backseat Driver
Suspense 590118 Ride Down Cajon
Suspense 590510 On a Country Road with Cary Grant
Suspense 600131 End of the Road
Suspense 620715 Snow on 66
Tonight At Nine Thirty 45-03-30 The Road to Decosel
True Detective Mystery 57-10-14 Body In The Road
True Detective Mystery 58-06-08 Hitchhiking Pyscho
Whistler 45-07-09 Highway of Escape
Whistler 45-10-15 House on Sycamore Road
Whistler 53-12-27 Lonely Highway





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