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Election Day in the United States is the day set by law for the general elections of public officials. It occurs on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November. The earliest possible date is November 2 and the latest possible date is November 8. The next election will be held on November 6, 2012.
For federal offices (President, Vice President, and United States Congress), Election Day occurs only in even-numbered years. Presidential elections are held every four years, in years divisible by four, in which electors for President and Vice President are chosen according to the method determined by each state. Elections to the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate are held every two years; all Representatives serve two-year terms and are up for election every two years, while Senators serve six-year terms, staggered so that one-third of Senators are elected in any given general election. General elections in which presidential candidates are not on the ballot are referred to as midterm elections. Terms for those elected begin in January the following year; the President and Vice President are inaugurated ("sworn in") on Inauguration Day, usually January 20.
Many state and local government offices are also elected on Election Day as a matter of convenience and cost saving, although a handful of states hold elections for state offices (such as governor) during odd-numbered "off years."
Congress has mandated a uniform date for presidential (3 U.S.C. § 1) and congressional (2 U.S.C. § 1 and 2 U.S.C. § 7) elections, though early voting is nonetheless authorized in many states. In Oregon, where all elections are vote-by-mail, all ballots must be received by a set time on Election Day, as is common with absentee ballots in most states (except overseas military ballots which receive more time by federal law). In the state of Washington, where all elections are also vote-by-mail, ballots need only be postmarked by Election Day.
Election Day is a civic holiday in some states, including Delaware, Hawaii, Kentucky, Montana, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, West Virginia, and the territory of Puerto Rico. Some other states require that workers be permitted to take time off from employment without loss of pay. California Elections Code Section 14000 provides that employees otherwise unable to vote must be allowed two hours off with pay, at the beginning or end of a shift

For much of our history, America was a predominantly agrarian society. Law makers therefore took into account that November was perhaps the most convenient month for farmers and rural workers to be able to travel to the polls.
The fall harvest was over, (remember that spring was planting time and summer was taken up with working the fields and tending the crops) but in the majority of the nation the weather was still mild enough to permit travel over unimproved roads.
Why Tuesday?
Since most residents of rural America had to travel a significant distance to the county seat in order to vote, Monday was not considered reasonable since many people would need to begin travel on Sunday. This would, of course, have conflicted with Church services and Sunday worship.
Why the first Tuesday after the first Monday? Lawmakers wanted to prevent election day from falling on the first of November for two reasons. First, November 1st is All Saints Day, a Holy Day of Obligation for Roman Catholics. Second, most merchants were in the habit of doing their books from the preceding month on the 1st. Apparently, Congress was worried that the economic success or failure of the previous month might prove an undue influence on the vote!


Disc 1

1789 Election Song - Follow Washington
1790 Election Song - Free Elections
1796 Election Song - Adams & Liberty
1800 Election Song - Jefferson & Liberty
1808 Election Song - Huzzah for Madison
1816 Election Song - Monroe Is the Man
1840 Election Song - Harrison Yankee Doodle
1840 Election Song - Rockabye, Baby ( Van Buren)
1840 Election Song - Tippecanoe & Tyler Too
1844 Election Song - Come Raise the Banner Polk ( Anti-Clay)
1844 Election Song - Jimmy Polk of Tennessee
1848 Election Song - Rum-A-Dum-Dum ( Taylor)
1852 Election Song - Pierce & King
1852 Election Song - Union Wagon ( Fillmore)
1856 Election Song - Buchanan & John Breckenridge
1860 Election Song - Lincoln & Liberty
1864 Election Song - Little Mac Shall Be Restored ( Mac Clellan)
1864 Election Song - Rally round the Cause ( Lincoln)
1868 Election Song - Grant, Grant, Grant
1868 Election Song - Hurrah for Grant
1868 Election Song - Just Before Election ( Anti-Johnson)
1870 Election Song - Victorias Banner - Womens Suffrage
1876 Election Song - Boys in Blue ( Hayes)
1876 Election Song - For Hayes & Wheeler Too
1880 Election Song - If Johnnies Get into Power Again ( Garfield)
1884 Election Song - for Victory Again ( Blaine & Logan)
1888 Election Song - Grovers End ( Harrison)
1888 Election Song - Hes All Right ( Harrison)
1888 Election Song - His Grandfathers Hat ( Anti-Harrison)
1892 Election Song - Anti-Cleveland
1892 Election Song - Democrats, Good Democrats ( Cleveland)
1892 Election Song - Tammany ( No Candidate)
1896 Election Song - Bryan
1896 Election Song - Marching with Mc Kinley
1900 Election Song - Then & Now Prohibition
1904 Election Song - Roosevelts the Cry
1920 Election Song - Profiteering Blues
1924 Election Song - Keep Cool & Keep Coolidge
1928 Election Song - East Side, West Side ( Al Smith)
1928 Election Song - Good Enough for Lindy ( Hoover)
1932 Election Song - Cactus Jack & FDR
1936 Election Song - Back Again ( FDR)
1940 Election Song - We Want Willkie
1948 Election Song - Im Just Wild About Harry ( Truman)
1948 Election Song - Ive Got a Ballot ( Wallace)
1952 Election Song - I Like Ike ( Eisenhower)
1960 Election Song - Buckle Down with Nixon ( Nixon)
1960 Election Song - Marching Down to Washington ( Kennedy)
1968 Election Song Buckle Down with Nixon ( Nixon)
1976 Election Song - Im Feeling Good About America ( Ford)
Adventures in Research 44-11-21 History of 1st Regular Radio Broadcast
All Stars Western Theater 47 05 10 Bid For Election
Amos n Andy 28-07-17 The Presidential Election Part 1
Amos n Andy 28-07-17 The Presidential Election Part 2
Amos n Andy 40-02-23 Election Will
Amos n Andy 40-03-01 Big Election
Amos n andy 52-11-02 Aunt Harriet Visits
Broadway is my Beat 50-08-14 The Mary Demming Murder Case
Burns and Allen 40-03-06 Hats off to Gracie
Burns and Allen 40-03-13 Gracie's Triumphant Return
Burns and Allen 40-03-27 Surprise Party Platform
Burns and Allen 40-04-10 Gracie Wins Wisconsin
Burns and Allen 40-05-15 Rah, Rah in Omaha
Burns and Allen 40-11-04 George Tries To Impress Fifi
Cavalcade of America 351113 Womans Emancipation
Cavalcade of America 411215 The Great Man Votes
CBS 41-12-08 - Coverage of Congress Voting War Upon Japan
Cisco Kid 530224 Bullets and Ball
Claudia 48-11-02 Election Day
Claudia 48-11-30 The Great Dane Debate
Command Performance - 45-05-03 Tribute to Walt Disney
Commercial - Vote NO on Branch Banking
Double Or Nothing 44-09-01 How Many People Voted in 1940
Easy Aces - Everyone Is Getting Mad at Jane
Edward Murrow 1940 05 08 - No Confidence Debate
Elizabeth Pankhurst 1908 - Votes for Women
Elmer Davis and the News 39-10-02 - Neutrality debate begins in Washington
FDR 321109 - Post Election Remarks
FDR 390414 - 150th Anniversary of the Announcement of the Election of 1st President
FDR 401104 - Remarks at Election Eve Rally
FDR 401107 - Post-Election Return to Washington, DC
Fibber McGee And Molly 40-11-05 Election Day
Fibber McGee And Molly 48-11-09 Voting Day
Fibber McGee And Molly 54-03-30 Voting For Congressman
Five Star Final - First Topic - Designing a Mausoleum 36-03-30
Flywheel Shyster and Flywheel - The election
Frank Merriwell 48-05-15 Ballot Box Mystery
Fred Allen - Texaco Star Theater 40-10-02 Grab It Or Leave It
Fulton Lewis 401023 Election Trends in Pennsylvania
Fulton Lewis 401106 Election Over at Last
Gabriel Heatter 441107 - Election Night
Gene Autry 53-xx-xx Election for Sheriff (First Song - Rose Of San Antone)
Great Gildersleeve 44-06-25 Election Day - Gildy Loses
Great Gildersleeve 44-11-05 Election Day - Bet
Great Gildersleeve 48-01-21 School Board Election Gildy vs Hooker
Great Gildersleeve 50-02-22 Jolly Boy Election
Great Gildersleeve 50-11-01 Election Day
Great Gildersleeve 51-10-03 Jolly Boys Election
Great Gildersleeve 54-02-24 Jolly Boys Election
Great Gildersleeve 56-xx-xx Peavey and Mayor Expect Election Support (2nd half)
Green Hornet 401009 Votes for Sale
Green Hornet 521015 Election Boomerang
H.V. Kaltenborn 391009 - Senate to vote on Tobey motion
H.V. Kaltenborn 39-10-27 Critical of the Neutrality Bill debate process
Halls of Ivy 51-10-17 Student Council Election
Hear It Now 51-02-16 Isolationist Debate in Washington
Hedda Hopper Show 50-11-11 Guest - Audie Murphy
Honest Harold 50-11-01 Election Plans
I Was There 40-05-19 Wilson Vs Hughes Election

Disc 2
Jack Benny Program 40-01-14 Intermezzo
Jack Carson Show 46-10-30 Halloween Date with a Brazilian Girl
Jack Carson Show 46-11-06 Election Day
Jean Shepherd 60 11 XX Election
Jean Shepherd 64 11 02 Back From England, Beatles, Election Eve, Pipe Dreams
Jean Shepherd 72 11 08 Post election results
Jean Shepherd 74 11 04 Elections
Jean Shepherd 76 11 XX Carter Election
Jean Shepherd 76 XX XX Elections Politicians SYND
Jim Gunn 711225 - What is the Election of Grace
Jimmie Allen 37-xx-xx Wings Votes Against Jimmie's Second Chance
Johnson Family - Outcome Of Election
Kennedy - Nixon Debate 600926 - First Debate on Domestic Policy
Kennedy - Nixon Debate 601007 - Second Debate on Any Topic
Kennedy - Nixon Debate 601013 - Third Debate on Any Topic
Kennedy - Nixon Debate 601021 - Fourth Debate of Foreign Policy
Kennedy 601108 - Election Eve
Life of Riley 45-12-01 BPLA Lodge Election - Phonograph Record Saves Riley
Life of Riley 49-03-25 Babs Runs in College Election
Life of Riley 51-06-01 Riley and the Ballot
Life with Luigi 49-11-08 No Electioneering
Life with Luigi 50-10-31 Right To Vote Taken Away
Living 1948 48-09-12 Vote for Me
Lone Ranger 38-08-17 Election at Buffalo Point
Lone Ranger 39-02-03 Election For Capitol
Lone Ranger 39-04-19 The Not-So-Crooked Election
Lone Ranger 40-09-18 1194 Mustang Mag in Politics
Lone Ranger 41-08-25 Election Day at Placer
Lone Ranger 42-03-27 1432 The Marshal of Mountain City
Lone Ranger 42-08-10 - Votes Won Votes Lost
Lone Ranger 43-08-09 1646 Medicine and Ballots
Lone Ranger 44-11-22 1848 Smuggler's Feet
Lone Ranger 46-02-01 2033 Solid Citizen
Lone Ranger 52-02-20 2980 Best Laid Plans
Lum and Abner 35-02-06 Election for President
Lum and Abner 35-02-14 Lum Has Lead in Election
Lum and Abner 35-02-22_Vote For Lum
Lum and Abner 35-02-25 Lum Wins Election
Lum and Abner 35-08-30_Stockholders_Vote
Lum and Abner 40-02-23 Election Will Be Held
Lum and Abner 40-03-01 Big Election Held
Lum and Abner 42-09-14 Election of School Board
Lum and Abner 43-05-24 Election May Be Good
Lum and Abner 43-09-14 Caleb Deciding Vote
Lum and Abner 43-11-02 Vote Name for Movie Theater
Lum and Abner 44-11-07 First Time to Vote
Lum and Abner 46-02-21 New Broom Party Seeks Votes
Lum and Abner 46-03-04 Last Day for Absentee Vote
Lux Radio Theater 39-04-17 Bullets or Ballots
Lux Radio Theater 41-06-16 The Lady from Cheyenne

Disc 3
Lyndon Johnson - re-election
March of Time 36-04-24 Saxleby
March of Time 37-10-28 New York Mayoral Election
Meet the Meeks 48-11-13 School Elections
Mr President 47-07-17 Woodrow Wilson
My favorite husband 49 09 30 Womans club election
My Friend Irma 480322 - Election Connection
Nixon & Khrushchev-The Kitchen Debate
Nixon- Election Ad 1968
Ozziett and Harriet 41 12 01 Election Day
Phil Harris 48-10-31 Homework
Phil Harris 50-11-05 Getting Out The Vote
Phil Harris 52-11-02 Phil Helps Get Out The Vote
Point Sublime 48-02-16 Voting Contest for County Commissioner
Quiz Kids 50-08-06 Voting to Music
Radio Guild 390507 - Back Number Up
Radio Reader's Digest 470213 The Counsel Assigned
Reagan Mondale Debate 841007
Red Ryder 42-04-21 Buckhorn Election
Richard Nixon 721108 - Remarks at a Presidential Election Victory Rally
Ripley's One Minute Mystery Funny Election
Ripley's One Minute Mystery One Vote
Ripley's One Minute Mystery Vote Getter
Ronald Reagan 1984-11-07 - Victory Speech After Landslide Election
Rotary Golden Theater 55-03-03 Working Together
Screen Guild Theater 40-11-03 The Great Man Votes
Six Shooter 1954-06-10 The New Sheriff
Sound Bites 760608 - KNX Primary Election
Special Election Show - Roosevelt for President - 44-11-06
Special Election Show 44-11-06 Roosevelt for President
Squibb Show 441106 Election Eve
Story Behind The Headlines 45-10-28 The French Elections
Superman 461017 1401 Counterfeit Money - Pt 01
Superman 461018 1402 Counterfeit Money - Pt 02
Superman 461021 1403 Counterfeit Money - Pt 03
Superman 461022 1404 Counterfeit Money - Pt 04
Superman 461023 1405 Counterfeit Money - Pt 05
Superman 461024 1406 Counterfeit Money - Pt 06
Superman 461025 1407 Counterfeit Money - Pt 07
Superman 461028 1408 Counterfeit Money - Pt 08
Superman 461029 1409 Counterfeit Money - Pt 09
Superman 461030 1410 Counterfeit Money - Pt 10
Superman 461031 1411 Counterfeit Money - Pt 11
Superman 461101 1412 Counterfeit Money - Pt 12
Superman 461104 1413 Counterfeit Money - Pt 13
Superman 461105 1414 Counterfeit Money - Pt 14
The Election 900707
The History of BBC Radio Comedy - Comedy at Election Time
The Mel Blanc Show 47-03-25 Miss Ugga Ugga Boo
Tom Corbett 520325 25 The Mission of Mercy Part 1
True or False 380912 - Postal Clerks vs League of Women Voters
Voting Rights
Wild Bill Hickok 51-08-12 Mixed Brands
Wild Bill Hickok 52-01-30 Dark Horse Candidate
Wild Bill Hickok 53-11-20 Bullets at Iron Mountain
You Are There 480321 Philadelphia July 4 1776
You Are There 480620 The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson
You Are There 481031 The Election of Thomas Jefferson
You Are There 500611 Womens Rights
Youth Builders 520319 - Children's Round Table - Voting Rights and Responsibilities





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