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OLD TIME RADIO - 4 CD-ROM - 172 mp3 - Total Playtime: 71:20:32

Aviators, and airplane stories from the Old Time Radio.


Academy Award Theater 460601 Arise My Love
Adventures in Research Sofar
Air Force Hour 500603 Triumph Of Old Glory
Air Force Hour 500610 June Is Bustin Out All Over
Air Force Party 470631 40th Anniv Of Army Air
Aldrich Family 400430 044 Model Airplane
Battle Stations 430819 Navys Air Arm
Boston Blackie 460212 Marjorie Conden Kidnapping
Believe It Or Not 351201 Aviation Oddities
Believe It Or Not 440404 Danger Is My Business
Benny & Allen Feud Number 6 Of 6 Wright Brothers True Story
Biography In Sound 550809 Atom
Blue Beetle 400731 Smashing Restaurant Racket
Bob & Ray 600610 Wally Ballou From Salt Flats, Vermont
Bob Hope 3955 450213 From Murock, California Tony Romano
Bob Hope 460319 Frances Langford Cleveland Gov Frank J
Bob Hope 510306 Ava Gardner
Bobby Benson And B Bar B Riders 511117 Salute To Soldier
Boston Blackie 461126 098 Lenny Powell Murder
Calling All Cars 350807 089 Celestial Journey
Campbell Playhouse 400225 Only Angels Have Wings
Can You Imagine That - Marriage Customs
Cavalcade of America 430125 Flying Tigers
Cavalcade of America 450528 Recon Pilot
Cavalcade of America 460318 Alaskan Bush Pilot
Cavalcade of America 520610 Daughter with Wings
CBS News 400810 Daring Daytime Raid On Berlin
Ceiling Unlimited 421221 Gremlins
Charlie Chan - Frightened Shroff
Cinnamon Bear 371130 Weary Willy
Columbia Workshop 360815 Case History
Columbia Workshop 440328 Savage Encounter
Columbia Workshop 450807 Savage Encounter
Confession 530705 Doris Kane Case
Crime Does Not Pay 500508 Dont Write, Telephone
Dangerous Assignment 510303 London Secret Code
Daredevils Hollywood 380527 Cecil Kellogg
Daredevils of Hollywood 380513 Bob Clark
Daredevils of Hollywood 380627 Frank Clark
Dark Fantasy 420227 Spawn Of Subhuman
Doctors Wife 520630 Sanders See Mrs. Irwins House
Duffy’s Tavern 500907 Army Surplus Helicopter
Eb And Zeb 122 Lesson From Prof. Thistlewaite
Escape 500207 Outer Limit
Escape 500616 Serenade For Cobra
Escape 540814 Coward
Eternal Light 500423 On Wings Of Eagles
Eternal Light 690216 Icarus In Wheelchair
Family Theater 550413 In Nature Of Warning
Fibber Mcgee And Molly 470211 Aeronautics
Fifth Horseman 460718 Promise
Frank Race 490619 Airborne Adventure
Gang Busters 450929 0401 Case Of John K
George Bruces Air Stories 320719 Ace Without Country Aka Capt Commerant Vs Capt Von Haus
George Bruces Air Stories 320802 Sky Borne Aka American Pursuit Pilots
George Bruces Air Stories 320809 Zero Flight Aka Three Inseparables
Good News of 390330 Walter Pidgeon
Great Gildersleeve 471224 Christmas Stray Puppy
I Love a Mystery 520603 Hermit of San Felipe Atabapo
I Was a Communist for the FBI 520709 The Dangerous Dollars
Jack Armstrong 440125 Amphibian Fire Over Jungle
Jack Benny 410126 Jack Packs F
Jack Benny 440416 Bob Hope Parody
Jack Benny 440507 Making Of Horn Blows At Midnight
Jerry At Fair Oaks - Financing An Invention
Jerry Fair Oaks 38 12 $25000 Turned Down
Jerry Fair Oaks 38 34 Plot For Safety
Jerry Fair Oaks 38 42 All Are Arrested
Jerry Fair Oaks 38 54 Punishment For Fighting With Red
Johnny Nighthawk Ming Lama
Jungle Jim 351221 Headhunters
Jungle Jim 360418 Lo Tounge Murdered
Jungle Jim 370605 Myra Destroys Bhutans Plane & Plans
Jungle Jim 390107 Escape Plans
Jungle Jim 420404 Waiting For New Orders
Lux Radio Theater 390227 208 Ceiling Zero
Lux Radio Theater 390529 221 Only Angels Have Wings
Lux Radio Theater 401007 276 Wings Of Navy
Lux Radio Theater 420330 345 I Wanted Wings
Lux Radio Theater 420525 353 Test Pilot
Lux Radio Theater 430920 407 Flight For Freedom
Lux Radio Theater 491107 675 High Wall
Lux Radio Theater 500306 692 Slatterys Hurricane
Lux Radio Theater 531012 850 Breaking Sound Barrier
Lux Radio Theater 550111 905 Island In Sky
Lux Radio Theater 550412 918 Stairway To Heaven Repeat
Magic Key 360322 New England Floods
Man Behind Gun 430106 Story of RAF Spitfire Pilot Ronald Twine. Elgin V
Man Called X 520108 66 Formula H Stolen
Mandrake Magician 410630 Red Biplane Attacks Mandrakes Plane
Mandrake Magician 410915 Bomb Is About To Explode
Mysterious Traveler 500314 Big Brain
National Hour 460106 08 Aviation in Peace Time
Obsession - Clinging Hate William Gargan
Old Fashioned Revival Hour 490508 Noah Witnessed By Faith
One Mans Family 580228 General Manager Returns
Philo Vance 490208 Flying Murder Case
Player, 480000 Pinwheel Roll
Proudly We Hail 511202 In Dead Of Night
Proudly We Hail 520406 Jet Flight
Proudly We Hail 520420 Operation Wingtip
Proudly We Hail 530301 Robinson Crusoe Of Schinzdo
Proudly We Hail 530503 Old Pro
Proudly We Hail 530802 Parapilot
Proudly We Hail 531129 Lucifer Heads North
Proudly We Hail 531206 Focus on Mig Alley
Proudly We Hail Long Flight
Pacific Story 441210 Japans Secret Police
Quiet Please 481205 Very Unimportant Person
Ripleys Believe It Or Not 351201 Aviation Oddities
Rocky Jordan 490424 Consignment for Naples
Screen Directors Playhouse 491202 All My Sons
Shadow of Fu Manchu 390904 Nayland Smith Tortured
Si And Elmer 22 Dangerous Mystery Case Part 12
Silent Men 520203 Big Kill
Silver Theater 381016 Wings In Dark
Silver Theater 390122 1o2 Misty Mountain
Silver Theater 390129 2o2 Misty Mountian
Silver Theater 390521 1o2 Crossroads For Two
Silver Theater 390528 2o2 Crossroads For Two
Superman 400301 Lois Kidnapped & Thrown From Plane
Superman 400313 Kent Falls Off Plane To Canyon City
Superman 400429 Protection Racket
Superman 401016 Yellow Mask & Jewel Robbery
Superman 401018 Yellow Mask & Jewel Robbery
Superman 401025 Yellow Mask & Jewel Robbery
Superman 410131 Black Pearl Of Osyrus
Superman 410221 Dragons Teeth
Superman 410714 Fur Smuggling
Superman 411121 Pan Am Highway
Superman 411124 Pan Am Highway
Superman 420119 Lita, Leopard Woman
Superman 420917 Tiny Men
Superman 421102 Headless Indian
Superman 421104 Headless Indian
Superman 430107 Tin Man
Superman 470612 Superman Vs. Kryptonite Pt 22
Superman 471017 Secret Rocket
Superman 471020 Secret Rocket
Superman 480602 Mystery of the sleeping beauty
Superman 480603 Mystery of the sleeping beauty
Superman 480701 Secret of meteor island
Suspense 561118 Long Night
Suspense 570224 Minutes of Hate
Suspense 571103 Firing
Suspense 571201 Jet Stream Edited
This is your FBI 520307 E362 Skyway Man
To Fly With Fighting Navy 421001
Treasury Salute 440911 2nd Lieutentan John C Morgan
Treasury Star Parade 430000 Story Of Nikolia Gastello
Treasury Star Parade 430102 I Got Wings
Truth or Consequences 450623
Two Daffodils 310000 3081 Skit About An Airline
Vox Pop 420112 Aviation Cadets Randolph AFB TX
Vox Pop 450813 X El Toro, Ca 2
Whistler 460729 My Love Comes Home
Whistler 480428 Tough Guy
Whistler 480512 Chain Reaction
Whistler 490522 Fatal Fraud
Whistler 510204 Murder Over Burma
Whistler 510422 Kind Thought
Whistler 511104 Man On Run
Whistler 520629 Night Flight
Words at War 430821 Malta Spitfire
Words at War 440912 One Man Air Force
Your Army Air Force 450826 Interview With Crew Of Enola Gay
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 490904 Expiring Nickels And Egyptian Jacket
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 510711 Fairway
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 530721 Black Doll
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 540105 Fairway Matter
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 560731 Sea Legs Matter
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 580525 Midnight Sun Matter





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