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OLD TIME RADIO - 2 CD-ROM - 114 mp3 - Total Playtime: 50:43:14


A collection of Amnesia tales from the Old Time Radio.

Adventures of Philip Marlowe 49-10-08 The Open Window
Adventures of Sam Spade 48-07-11 The Wheel Of Life Caper (CBS)
Adventures of Sam Spade 51-02-16 The Soap Opera Caper (NBC)
Amos and Andy 44-03-31 Long Lost Harold
Baby Snook 400307 Baby Snooks Has Amnesia
Big Town 48-11-30 I Remember Murder
Blondie 440917 Blondies Husband Forgets Himself aka Dagwood Gets Amnesia
Boston Blackie 45-11-08 Amnesia Victim
Boston Blackie 47-03-18 Sam Fishers Past
Burns and Allen 43-06-29 Amnesia
Calling All Detectives 48-08-11 Investigates Amnesia Case
Calling All Detectives 48-10-08 Mr Mysto Loses His Memory
Castle Playhouse - SA - Long Memory
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 75-12-29 CBS Radio Mystery Theater The Memory Killers
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 78-09-11 CBS Radio Mystery Theater End Of A Memory
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 79-10-24 CBS Radio Mystery Theater Dangerous Memory
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 80-04-28 CBS Radio Mystery Theater Portrait Of Memory
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 81-08-28 CBS Radio Mystery Theater Hidden Memory
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 82-07-12 CBS Radio Mystery Theater The Hand Of Amnesia
Challenge of the Yukon 48-10-04 The Extra Uniform
Challenge of the Yukon 49-03-25 Letters to a Killer
Chase 26 Blackout
Chicken Man - Chicken Man Has Amnesia Part 1
Chicken Man - Chicken Man Has Amnesia Part 2
Chicken Man - Chicken Man Has Amnesia Part 3
Chicken Man - Chicken Man Has Amnesia Part 4
Danger with Grainger - Amourous Amnesiac
Dennis Day 47-01-22 Amnesia
Dick Tracy 460119 14 The Case of the Dark Corridor (30 minute episode)
Dr Kildare 50-04-26 Philip Van Courts Amnesia
Dr Kildare 51-08-03 Alice Bradley Amnesia Victim
Edgar Bergen 450000 Bergen Gets Amnesia
Edgar Bergen 450909 Keenan Wynn Psychologist
Escape 490312 He Who Rides the Tiger
Family Theater 53-02-11 The Indispensable Man
Family Theater 55-05-04 Who Am I
Fear on 4 - 971016 Tissue Memory
Fibber McGee And Molly 39-03-14 The Gildersleeve Memory Course
Fibber McGee And Molly 57-12-21 Taking a Memory Course
Flash Gordon 350713 Dr Zarkov Shoots Crooks with Electrodes
Flash Gordon 350720 Flash Regains Memory
Flash Gordon 350817 Flash, the Avenging Shadow
Flash Gordon 350824 Azura Regains Memory
Fred Allen 45-11-04 Lost Memory - Mash Notes With Martha Raye
Grand Marquee 46-07-30 Hold That Memory
Great Gildersleeve 390314 Gildersleeves Memory
Green Hornet 410621 Man Wanted -- For What
Hallmark Playhouse 49-02-17 Random Harvest
Haunting Hour 45-07-28 Unidentified Body
Heartbeat Theater 59-04-12 Memory of Tomorrow
Hermit's Cave - Search For Life
Hopalong Cassidy 51-12-15 The Memory of Mace Melot
In Our Time 2003-05-29 Memory - and the brain
Inner Sanctum 49-01-10 Murder Comes to Life
It's Higgins, Sir 51-09-04 Higgins Gets Amnesia
Jack Benny 491002 Jack Takes Inventory of His Pantry and Has a Memory Loss
Jack Benny 491009 Jack's Memory is Lost and Found
Jean Shepherd 73 10 XX Memory Restored
Jean Shepherd 76 01 28 Writers Amnesia
Jeff Regan, Investigator 48-09-25 The Lady with No Name
Jerry of the Circus - Decker Is Uncle Dan
Jungle Jim 37-06-12 Ronnie Regains His Memory
Kildare 510803 - Alice Bradley Amnesia Victim
Lives of Harry Lime 52-04-11 Man of Mystery

Disc 2
Lone Ranger - 44-06-16 17 Candlelight
Lone Ranger - 47-08-25 - When Memory Failed
Lorenzo Jones 55-01-13 Lorenzo Still Has Amnesia
Lorenzo Jones 55-06-24 Roger Craxton's Murder
Lum and Abner 43-02-09 Fall Gives Grandpap Amnesia
Lum and Abner 43-02-15 Amnesia is Causing Trouble
Lum and Abner 43-04-27 Grandpap's Memory Restored
Lum and Abner 43-06-29 Amnesia
Lux Radio Theater 41-06-30 I Love You Again
Lux Radio Theater 44-01-31 Random Harvest
Lux Radio Theater 47-03-03 Somewhere in the Night
Majestic Master of Mysteries 34 01 20 Phantom Spoilers
Matinee Theater 45-01-07 Random Harvest
Movietown Radio Theater - Hold That Memory
Mr and Mrs North 50-09-05 361 Million Dollar Murder aka-Woman In a Red Dress AFRS
Mutual Radio Theater 800929 - Death Song A Cheyenne Memory
My Favorite Husband 49-02-25 Absent mindedness
Night Beat 50 10 06 The Kenny Day Amnesia Case
Night Beat 51 07 06 Bill Perrin Amnesia Case
Night Surgeon - Woman With Amnesia
Pat Novak 49-02-27 Pat Novak For Hire Marcia Halpern
Perry Mason 540602 Suzanne Fakes Amnesia
Philip Morris Playhouse 50-05-06 Murder Needs an Artist
Quiet Please 48-01-05 Little Visitor
Richard Diamond 49 11 26 William Carter Loses Memory
Ripley's One Minute Mystery - Queen With Short Memory
Romance 46-03-05 Random Harvest
Romance 47-04-30 Isles of Spice and Lilies
Rosemary 460626 - Title Unknown
Saint 480526 71 Case of Blond Who Lost Her Head aka Fake Amnesia Killer
Screen Directors Playhouse 49-10-24 Love Letters
Screen Guild Thetaer 44-01-17 I Love You Again
Shadow Of Fu Manchu 39-08-15 Grebble Under Madame Ingamar's Spell
Space Patrol-53-03-21-025-The Caverns of Venus
Suspense 431202 The Black Curtain
Suspense 450125 Drury's Bones
Suspense 500608 The Case of Henri Vibard
Suspense 520414 Mate Bram
Suspense 540930 A Little Matter Of Memory
Suspense 541014 Lost
Suspense 600828 The Girl in the Powder Blue Jag
Suspense 620325 Memory of a Murder
Tales of Texas Ranger 520907 Alibi
Terry and the Pirates 47-01-16 Mind Slave
This is Your FBI 46-09-20 The Diamond Studded Double-Cross
Thriller Playhouse - Memory Longer than Death Thriller Playhouse
Whistler 42-09-20 (019) Fog
Whistler 42-10-04 (021) Urge to Kill
X Minus One 56-02-22 Junkyard
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar 57-06-02 The Loss of Memory Matter





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