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OLD TIME RADIO - 2 CD-ROM - 136 mp3

Total Time: 50:59:08

A great Christmas Old Time Radio collection for all ages. Especially suggested for children. This collection includes the entire 26 episodes of Cinnamon Bear and Jonathan Thomas. Many other Christmas classics stories includes It's a Wonderful Life, Pinocchio, Snow White, Scrooge, Plot To Overthrow Christmas, A Christmas Carol, Miracle on 34th Street, and many more.




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Academy Award 46-04-27 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Academy Award 46-09-04 Pinocchio
Archie Andrews Show 47 12 13 Christmas Shopping
Authors Playhouse 41-12-21 Christmas by Injunction
Authors Playhouse 44-12-11 The Pied Piper of Hamelin
Blondie 391225 Scrooge
Christmas Day In America 46-12-25
Cinnamon Bear 371126 01 Paddy OCinnamon
Cinnamon Bear 371127 02 Weary Willie
Cinnamon Bear 371129 03 Crazy Quilt Dragon
Cinnamon Bear 371130 04 The Inkaboos
Cinnamon Bear 371201 05 Wesley the Wailing Whale
Cinnamon Bear 371202 06 Samuel Seal
Cinnamon Bear 371203 07 Presto the Magician
Cinnamon Bear 371204 08 Candy Pirates
Cinnamon Bear 371206 09 Roly-Poly Policeman
Cinnamon Bear 371207 10 Professor Whiz
Cinnamon Bear 371208 11 Fee Foo the Gentle Giant
Cinnamon Bear 371209 12 Rhyming Rabbit
Cinnamon Bear 371210 13 The Wintergreen Witch
Cinnamon Bear 371211 14 Queen Melissa
Cinnamon Bear 371213 15 Snapper Stick the Crocodile
Cinnamon Bear 371214 16 Oliver Ostrich
Cinnamon Bear 371215 17 Muddlers
Cinnamon Bear 371216 18 Cocklebur Cowboys
Cinnamon Bear 371217 19 Wooden Indian
Cinnamon Bear 371218 20 Flying Hat
Cinnamon Bear 371220 21 Snowman
Cinnamon Bear 371221 22 Santa Claus
Cinnamon Bear 371222 23 The Bad Dolls
Cinnamon Bear 371223 24 The Parade
Cinnamon Bear 371224 25 Captain Tintop
Cinnamon Bear 371225 26 North Pole
Cinnamon Bear Intro
Cinnamon Bear Writers Glanville & Elizabeth Heisch
Columbia Workshop 421224 Plot To Overthrow Christmas
Escape 501224 138 The Cave
Family Theater 48-12-15 A Daddy for Christmas
Family Theater 49-12-21 The Littlest Angel
Family Theater 50-12-13 Lullaby of Christmas
Family Theater 51-12-26 Star of Wonder
Family Theater 52-12-17 Crossroads of Christmas
Family Theater 53-12-30 The Little Prince
Family Theater 55-12-21 The Juggler of Our Lady
Family Theater 55-12-28 The Hound of Heaven
Father Knows Best 501221 Christmas Program
Father Knows Best 521225 Shared Christmas Gifts
Father Knows Best 531224 Christmas Program
Gene Autry 471221 Christmas Show (First Song - Here Comes Santa Claus)
Globe Theater 440223 - A Christmas Carol
Grand Central Station 49-12-24 Miracle for Christmas
Hopalong Cassidy 52-03-15 The Santa Claus Rustlers
Jonathan Thomas 38-11-29 ep01 Santa Claus Is Kidnapped By The Squeebbublians
Jonathan Thomas 38-11-30 ep02 Jonathan Promises To Find Santa Claus
Jonathan Thomas 38-12-01 ep03 Jonathan Meets Gorgonzola The Horse
Jonathan Thomas 38-12-02 ep04 In The Valley Of The Three Dwarfs
Jonathan Thomas 38-12-03 ep05 The Merry-Go-Round River
Jonathan Thomas 38-12-04 ep06 The Fairy Queen
Jonathan Thomas 38-12-05 ep07 Dragon With The Thirteen Tails
Jonathan Thomas 38-12-06 ep08 Whiskery Bill The Squirrel
Jonathan Thomas 38-12-07 ep09 Jonathan Has Fallen Under The Witchs Spell
Jonathan Thomas 38-12-08 ep10 Jonathan In The Witchs Dream Cave
Jonathan Thomas 38-12-09 ep11 Whiskery Bill Meets The Walrus
Jonathan Thomas 38-12-10 ep12 Getting Rubies At The Rainbow Bridge
Jonathan Thomas 38-12-11 ep13 Crossing The Frozen River
Jonathan Thomas 38-12-12 ep14 Jonathan Wakes Up From The Witchs Spell
Jonathan Thomas 38-12-13 ep15 OGigraf The Lion
Jonathan Thomas 38-12-14 ep16 Saving The Elf King
Jonathan Thomas 38-12-15 ep17 The Wall Of Doors
Jonathan Thomas 38-12-16 ep18 In The Kingdom Of Alice
Jonathan Thomas 38-12-17 ep19 Queen Alices Ball
Jonathan Thomas 38-12-18 ep20 King Squeebubbly And Santa Claus
Jonathan Thomas 38-12-19 ep21 Jonathan Grows Large And Small
Jonathan Thomas 38-12-20 ep22 Kirmit The Hermit
Jonathan Thomas 38-12-21 ep23 The Dragon With The Thirteen Tails Again
Jonathan Thomas 38-12-22 ep24 Captured By The Squeebubblians
Jonathan Thomas 38-12-23 ep25 Rescuing Santa Claus
Jonathan Thomas 38-12-24 ep26 Going Home
Let's Pretend 521220 Twas The Night Before Christmas
Let's Pretend 531212 The Snow Queen
Life of Riley 44-12-24 Roswell's a Guest for Christmas
Life of Riley 47-12-20 First Christmas in Store Window
Life of Riley 47-12-27 Family Christmas Present - TV or Piano
Life of Riley 48-12-24 Christmas Bonuses from Mr Stevenson
Life of Riley 49-12-23 The Christmas Club
Lone Ranger 50-12-25 Christmas tree
Lum and Abner 38-12-23 Lum and Abner's Christmas Story
Lum and Abner 40-12-25 Christmas Show
Lum and Abner 41-12-25 Traditional Christmas Story
Lum and Abner 42-12-24 Special Christmas Story
Lum and Abner 44-08-23 Mailing Christmas Package
Lum and Abner 44-12-25 Christmas Story
Lum and Abner 46-12-25 Lum and Abner's Christmas Story
Lum and Abner 47-12-16 Float for Christmas Parade
Lum and Abner 47-12-22 No Christmas Presents
Lum and Abner 47-12-25 Christmas Story
Lum and Abner 48-12-19 Traditional Christmas Show
Lum and Abner 53-12-24 Everyone Helps Decorate Christmas Tree for Party at School House
Lux Radio Theater 38-12-26 Snow White
Lux Radio Theater 39-12-25 Pinocchio
Lux Radio Theater 47-03-10 It's a Wonderful Life
Lux Radio Theater 48-12-20 Miracle on 34th Street
Lux Radio Theater 50-12-25 The Wizard of Oz
Lux Radio Theater 51-12-24 Alice in Wonderland
Lux Radio Theater 53-12-21 Peter Pan
Mayor of the Town 42-12-24 A Christmas Carol
My Favorite Husband 49-12-16 Georges Christmas Presents
My Favorite Husband 49-12-23 The Sleigh Ride
My Favorite Husband 50-12-16 Christmas Card Pictures
My Favorite Husband 50-12-23 The Christmas Stag
My Little Margie 52-12-21 Timmy's Christmas
Nick Carter 43 12 25 ep037 Nick Carter Carter's Christmas Adventure
Norman Corwin 421224 The Plot To Overthrow Christmas
Ozzie And Harriet 481212 Worrying About Worrying
Ozzie And Harriet 481219 The New Radiophonograph
Ozzie And Harriet 481226 No Show For Christmas
Ozzie And Harriet 531225 The Lost Christmas Gift
Radio City Playhouse 48 12 20 Three Men
Radio City Playhouse 49 12 25 Twas the Night Before Christ
Railroad Hour 51-12-24 The Happy Prince
Railroad Hour 52-06-23 The Little Minister
Railroad Hour 52-12-22 Christmas Party
Railroad Hour 53-12-21 Snow White
Red Ryder 48-12-23 Christmas Story
Screen Directors Playhouse 49-05-08 Its a Wonderful Life
Screen Directors Playhouse 49-12-23 Miracle on 34th Street
Screen Guild Theater 39-12-24 Blue Bird
Screen Guild Theater 45-12-24 Pinocchio
Sealtest Variety Theater 48-12-23 Christmas Show
Space Patrol-54-12-25 Lost Galaxy
Stars over Hollywood 51-12-22 A Christmas Carol
Stars over Hollywood 53-12-12 Time for Christmas
Tarzan 511227 Congo Christmas
Terry and the Pirates 41-12-25 Christmas Present Exchange
The Roy Rogers Show 51-12-21 Prodigal
This Is My Best 44-12-19 The Plot To Overthrow Christmas

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