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The Shadow of Fu Manchu was an adventure radio drama adapted from the first nine Fu Manchu novels by Sax Rohmer. The syndicated series aired from 1939 to 1940 in 15-minute installments.
The Shadow of Dr. Fu Manchuired in 1939 and was a fictional character first featured in a series of novels by English author Sax Rohmer during the first half of the 20th century. The character was also featured extensively in cinema, television, radio, comic strips and comic books for over 90 years, and has become an archetype of the evil criminal genius while inspiring the Fu Manchu moustache.

A master criminal, Fu Manchu's murderous plots are marked by the extensive use of arcane methods; he disdains guns or explosives, preferring dacoits, Thuggee, and members of other secret societies as his agents armed with knives, or using "pythons and hamadryads... fungi and my tiny allies, the bacilli... my black spiders" and other peculiar animals or natural chemical weapons.
Fu Manchu (Harold Huber) was a diabolical criminal mastermind. British official Nayland Smith (Hanley Stafford), assisted by Dr. Petrie (Gale Gordon), set out to stop Fu Manchu at any cost. In Radio Crime Fighters (2002), Jim Cox wrote:

The plots of Rohmer's insidious figure and Smith and Petrie's attempts to thwart the archenemy formed a repetitive theme in the story line. A stunningly exotic Karamaneh became the slave girl of the evil doctor; an objective of the combatants was to secure her release. The series, though brief, is memorable, and focused on one of the most effective villains to surface in adolescent radio.




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390508 1 Insidious Dr Fu Manchu
390510 2 The Red Hand of Death
390512 3 The Death List
390515 4 In the Clutches of Fu Manchu
390517 5 An Ally of Love
390519 6 The Creature in the Night
390522 7 Terror at Greymoat
390524 8 Green Mist of Death
390526 9 Nocturnal Visit
390529 10 Prisoners of Fu Manchu
390531 11 The Call of Siva
390602 12 Karamanehs Story
390605 13 The Deadly Bargain
390607 14 Plans of Destruction
390609 15 Ship of Spies
390612 16 Karamenehs Plea
390614 17 The Undead
390616 18 Back to Life
390619 19 The Poison Pit
390621 20 The Last Laugh
390623 21 Into the Flames
390626 22 Mystery of the Sifan
390628 23 Flower of Silence
390630 24 The Man with Limp
390703 25 The Treasure of the Sifan
390705 26 The Return of Nyland Smith
390707 27 The Golden Pomegranite
390710 28 Kidnapped
390712 29 Double for Murder
390714 30 A Slave Once More
390717 31 Conversation in the Dark
390719 32 Snakes Head
390721 33 Riddle of the White Peacock
390724 34 The Sacred Order of the White Peacock
390726 35 The Coughing Horror
390728 36 In the Grip of Death
390731 37 In the Lair of Fu Manchu
390802 38 The Ghost of the Gables
390804 39 The Sword of Samurai
390807 40 The Purple Spot
390808 80 Sign Of The White Peacock Discovered
390809 81 Opening The Sarcophagus
390810 82 Black Magic
390814 85 The Council Of Seven
390815 86 Grebble Under Madame Ingamars Spell
390823 93 Grebble And Smith Prisoners
390824 94 Fu Manchu Appears
390830 99 Arrow For Nyand Smith
390831 100 Theft Of Relics Attemped
390903 102 Joy Shop
390904 103 Nyland Smith Tortured
390905 104 Five Hour Old Corpse
390906 105 Sean Greebie Disappears
390907 106 Rima Kidnapped
390908 107 Fu Manchu Releases Sean
390909 108 Midnight Meeting At The Great Pyramid
390911 109 Trapped In The Kings Chamber
390912 110 Death To The Infidels
390913 111 Nyland Denounces Relics As Fakes
390914 112 Mesage From Damascus
390918 115 Mysterious Sea Plane
390919 116 Imitation Relics
390920 117 Wedding Present
390923 120 Secret Television Transmitter
390925 121 The Green Death
390930 126 Kerrigan Sees A Zombie
391002 127 Beating Drums
391005 130 The Silver Heels Explode
391006 131 Murder On Camera
391010 134 Assassination Of Pierre Delibes
391011 135 A Strange Animal Attacks
391019 142 A Visit From Florette
391020 143 Nyland Smith And Paul Sterling, Zombies
391021 144 Nyland Smith - A Member Of Sci Fan
391023 145 The Orchid Of Life
391024 146 Formula For 654
391025 147 Fu Whips Fa Lo Swee
391026 148 Fu Recaptures Nyland Smith
391027 149 Death Dealing Flies
391028 150 A Message From Fus Submarine
391030 151 Secret Hideout Explodes
391102 154 Is Fu In The Hospital
391103 155 Fu Surrenders
391104 156 Fu Escapes - Final Episode

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