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Rocky Jordan was a radio series about an American restaurateur in Cairo who each week became involved in some kind of mystery or adventure. The show was broadcast on CBS from October 31st 1948 to September 10th 1950. and then again from June 27th 1951 to August 22nd 1951. The character of Rocky Jordan had been introduced to listeners in a similar show called A Man Named Jordan that was broadcast in 1945 but set in Istanbul rather than Cairo.

The two lead roles were those of Rocky Jordan and Captain Sam Sabaaya of the Cairo Police. For most of the show's history Jordan was played by veteran radio actor Jack Moyles, but he was replaced by a movie star, George Raft, for the brief 1951 run. Jay Novello played Sabaaya throughout the entire series. Other roles were played by members of Hollywood's Radio Row, and the announcer was Larry Thor.

Rocky Jordan
Rocky Jordan (Jack Moyles/George Raft) is the proprietor of the Café Tambourine located, according to the announcer, "not far from the Mosque Sultan Hassan," though he is originally from St. Louis.
As an American restaurateur in a North African country, Jordan is somewhat similar to the Rick Blaine character in the film Casablanca, though the Café Tambourine is apparently a much less salubrious venue than Rick's Bar. The announcer describes it as being "Crowded with forgotten men, and alive with the babble of many languages". Each episode sees Jordan confronted with a "crime, a mystery, a beautiful woman, or a combination of the three".
Precisely why Jordan is in Egypt is left deliberately vague, though he apparently has enemies in St. Louis so can't go back home.

Sam Sabaaya
Sam Sabaaya (Jay Novello) is the police captain who apprehends the criminals at the end of each adventure. Sabaaya is portrayed as a diligent and competent policeman, usually as Jordan's friend and ally but sometimes as his foil. He is an Egyptian Muslim, is married, and has four children.

A deliberately Eastern feel was created by careful use of music and sound effects, and the writers Larry Roman and Gomer Cool took care that the characters used the names of real streets in Cairo. Much of the information the writers used for this came from a book called the Pocket Guide to Egypt that the US Army had produced for servicemen sent there during the War. The Oriental-sounding music composed for the show by Richard Aurandt is considered to be of exceptional quality.


Rocky Jordan 48-10-31 - 001-The Bartered Bridegroom
Rocky Jordan 48-11-07 - 002-Count Me Out
Rocky Jordan 48-11-21 - 004-The Man in the Morgue
Rocky Jordan 48-12-05 - 006-Strangers Three
Rocky Jordan 48-12-12 - 007-Ace High Straight
Rocky Jordan 48-12-19 - 008-Up in Flames
Rocky Jordan 49-01-02 - 010-Death in the Sand
Rocky Jordan 49-01-09 - 011-Escapade with Paula
Rocky Jordan 49-01-16 - 012-The Case of the Sleepy Camel
Rocky Jordan 49-01-30 - 014-Baksheesh Boy
Rocky Jordan 49-02-06 - 015-Champagne Caviar and Hot Ice
Rocky Jordan 49-02-13 - 016-Red Stands for Blood
Rocky Jordan 49-02-20 - 017-Twenty Fathoms Under
Rocky Jordan 49-03-06 - 019-The Two OClock Man
Rocky Jordan 49-03-13 - 020-The St Louis Blues
Rocky Jordan 49-03-20 - 021-Passport for Vivi
Rocky Jordan 49-03-27 - 022-Everything Shipshape
Rocky Jordan 49-04-03 - 023-Portrait of Rocky
Rocky Jordan 49-04-10 - 024-My Quiet Friend
Rocky Jordan 49-04-24 - 025-Consignment for Naples
Rocky Jordan 49-05-01 - 026-Fall Guy
Rocky Jordan 49-05-08 - 027-Lady in Disguise
Rocky Jordan 49-05-22 - 029-The Make up Man
Rocky Jordan 49-05-29 - 030-Desert Betrayal
Rocky Jordan 49-06-05 - 031-The Man They All Loved
Rocky Jordan 49-06-12 - 032-The Man from Damascus
Rocky Jordan 49-06-19 - 033-The Big Ditch
Rocky Jordan 49-06-26 - 034-Journey to Nashier
Rocky Jordan 49-07-03 - 035-The Map of Murder
Rocky Jordan 49-07-10 - 036-The Broken Wing
Rocky Jordan 49-07-17 - 037-The Race
Rocky Jordan 49-07-24 - 038-The Coward of Mutah Kahn
Rocky Jordan 49-07-31 - 039-Varlachi
Rocky Jordan 49-08-07 - 040-Gold Fever
Rocky Jordan 49-08-14 - 041-Cairo Vendetta
Rocky Jordan 49-08-21 - 042-The Gum Queen
Rocky Jordan 49-08-28 - 043-The Lady from Istanbul
Rocky Jordan 49-09-04 - 044-A Stranger to the Desert
Rocky Jordan 49-09-11 - 045-Adventure with Andrea
Rocky Jordan 49-09-18 - 046-The Nile Runs High
Rocky Jordan 49-09-25 - 047-Memento from Adelaide
Rocky Jordan 49-10-02 - 048-Pattern for Revenge
Rocky Jordan 49-10-09 - 049-The Man with No Name
Rocky Jordan 49-10-16 - 050-Quest for Traneeneh
Rocky Jordan 49-10-23 - 051-The Diorite Bowl
Rocky Jordan 49-10-30 - 052-The Demarco Affair
Rocky Jordan 49-11-06 - 053-The Black Ball
Rocky Jordan 49-11-13 - 054-The Strange Death of Van Dorn
Rocky Jordan 49-11-20 - 055-The Big Heist
Rocky Jordan 49-11-27 - 056-High Pressure
Rocky Jordan 49-12-11 - 058-The Veiled People
Rocky Jordan 50-01-01 - 061-The Man from Cairo
Rocky Jordan 50-01-08 - 062-Smoke Screen
Rocky Jordan 50-01-15 - 063-The Loomis Affair
Rocky Jordan 50-01-22 - 064-The Face of Diana
Rocky Jordan 50-01-29 - 065-An Air of Death
Rocky Jordan 50-02-05 - 066-The Return of Toni
Rocky Jordan 50-02-12 - 067-Madame Dulacs Daughter
Rocky Jordan 50-02-19 - 068-Paid in Full
Rocky Jordan 50-02-26 - 069-Return of Dr Pyrue
Rocky Jordan 50-03-05 - 070-The Secret of Wong Lee
Rocky Jordan 50-03-12 - 071-The White Beetle
Rocky Jordan 50-03-19 - 072-The Perfect Witness
Rocky Jordan 50-03-26 - 073-Foolproof
Rocky Jordan 50-04-02 - 074-The Strange Fate of Professor Amar
Rocky Jordan 50-04-09 - 075-Holiday Weekend
Rocky Jordan 50-04-16 - 076-Adventure in Zaqaziq
Rocky Jordan 50-04-23 - 077-The Big Gamble
Rocky Jordan 50-04-30 - 078-The Mystery of Carl Kleist
Rocky Jordan 50-05-07 - 079-Horde of the Memlooks
Rocky Jordan 50-05-14 - 080-Congo Copper
Rocky Jordan 50-05-21 - 081-The Beggar of Farar
Rocky Jordan 50-05-28 - 082-A Song in the Night
Rocky Jordan 50-06-04 - 083-The Word of a Bishop
Rocky Jordan 50-06-11 - 084-Pharaohs Formula
Rocky Jordan 50-06-18 - 085-Shakedown
Rocky Jordan 50-06-25 - 086-Dilemma
Rocky Jordan 50-07-02 - 087-The Dead Colleen
Rocky Jordan 50-07-09 - 088-Interlude With Laurena
Rocky Jordan 50-07-16 - 089-The Lotus Cup of Amin Ra
Rocky Jordan 50-07-23 - 090-Cairo Tour
Rocky Jordan 50-07-30 - 091-The Money Changers
Rocky Jordan 50-08-06 - 092-The Broken Wing
Rocky Jordan 50-08-13 - 093-City of Baksheesh
Rocky Jordan 50-08-20 - 094-The Man from Damascus
Rocky Jordan 50-08-27 - 095-Dr Markoffs Discovery
Rocky Jordan 50-09-03 - 096-Ace High Straight
Rocky Jordan 50-09-10 - 097-Trail of the Assassin
Rocky Jordan 51-03-28 - 000-The Man from Damascus-Audition
Rocky Jordan 51-07-04 - 002-The Lady from Tangiers
Rocky Jordan 51-07-11 - 003-The Genacos Affair
Rocky Jordan 51-07-25 - 005-Valley of the Dead
Rocky Jordan 51-08-15 - 008-The Man in the Nile
Rocky Jordan 55-08-25 Spring of Moses-Audition-Show 1
Rocky Jordan 55-08-25 Spring of Moses-Audition-Show 2





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