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MAGIC ISLAND was a syndicated serial that first aired sometime in 1936 and consisted of one hundred thirty 12-minute episodes.  The story line dealt with a wealthy woman and her search for her long lost daughter.  She finds her on a man-made island that can submerge to avoid detection.  The series was targeted for a juvenile audience and small children are the main focus of the story line. What would you do if your child was lost? How long would you search in order to have your child back in your arms one more time? Magic Island tells the story of a mother, Mrs. Patricia Gregory, and her search for her lost daughter, Joan Gregory. Her daughter has been lost for 14 years due to a shipwreck, in the South Seas. Everyone on the ship, including Mrs. Gregory's husband and little one-year old, were believed lost--all except Mrs. Gregory. Fourteen years after her rescue, Mrs. Gregory still has not given up hope. With the help of a very handsome reward, and the persistence of Jerry, a young man who has been very interested in Mrs. Gregory's story "ever since [Jerry] could read," she sets off on an adventure to find her daughter! In reality, Joan has survived by living on a man-made, "magic" Island that is so secretive, that it can submerge under the water in order to evade exposure. This serial radio show follows the story of the reunion of daughter and mother and the adventures that come there after.





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MagicIsland 001 JerryHallsProposal
MagicIsland 002 LeavingLAForMagicIsland
MagicIsland 003 Strange Windstorm
MagicIsland 004 StrangeBankOfFog
MagicIsland 005 TexBradfordPreparesHisStraightoscope
MagicIsland 006 Island InTheViewer
MagicIsland 007 PulledByAMagneticForce
MagicIsland 008 JoanIsFoundOnEuclidia
MagicIsland 009 G-47 UsesHisRayGun
MagicIsland 010 False Radio Message
MagicIsland 011 Island Secrets
MagicIsland 012 LastRadioMessageFromMagicIsland
MagicIsland 013 JoanStaysOnTheYacht
MagicIsland 014 TheClothFactoryOnTheIsland
MagicIsland 015 Staged Escape Attempt
MagicIsland 016 Soundproof Seaweed Cloth
MagicIsland 017 Homing Pigeon
MagicIsland 018 Pigeons Released
MagicIsland 019 The Secret Formula
MagicIsland 020 G-47 HasThePigeonAndFormula
MagicIsland 021 A Different Formula
MagicIsland 022 Trapped InAnElevator
MagicIsland 023 Elevator Escape
MagicIsland 024 StolenOxygenTank
MagicIsland 025 BattleshipApproach
MagicIsland 026 MagicIslandPreparesToSubmerge
MagicIsland 027 RadioSignalsWithinTheIsland
MagicIsland 028 JonesAndJerryBoardTheSub
MagicIsland 029 AWomanCommander
MagicIsland 030 MessageToJohnson
MagicIsland 031 Joan And Jerry Ray Gunned
MagicIsland 032 SubmarineHeadsForJohnsonsShip
MagicIsland 033 SubmarineSurfacesToMeetJohnsonsShip
MagicIsland 034 Johnson Speeds Away
MagicIsland 035 Tex Contacts Johnson
MagicIsland 036 JohnsonsShipRunsOutOfFuel
MagicIsland 037 GregorysYachtPulledOutIntoTheLight
MagicIsland 038 CommanderTalksToJohnson
MagicIsland 039 Everyone Arrives
MagicIsland 040 McLeodPosesAsJohnson
MagicIsland 041 HelpFromTheSubCommander
MagicIsland 042 The Gas Is Released
MagicIsland 043 Jerry And Joan Escape
MagicIsland 044 Transferring Oil
MagicIsland 045 Escape Attempt Tonight
MagicIsland 046 Power Shutdown Plan
MagicIsland 047 Joan Fires At Jerry
MagicIsland 048 Escape From Guard
MagicIsland 049 ReadyToThrowSwitches
MagicIsland 050 The Alarm Sound
MagicIsland 051 SwimForTheBoat
MagicIsland 052 IslandSinksAndASuccessfulEscape
MagicIsland 053 LightedBuoysMarkTheRoute
MagicIsland 054 Out Of Fuel
MagicIsland 055 SubCatchesUp
MagicIsland 056 SubTowsTheYachtBackToMagicIsland
MagicIsland 057 TwoGuardsKnockedOut
MagicIsland 058 InAChamber90FeetUnderground
MagicIsland 059 IslandGetsReadyToMove
MagicIsland 060 ChamberFillingWithWater
MagicIsland 061 Tex Is Ray Gunned
MagicIsland 062 SafeForThreeDays
MagicIsland 063 Keystone Notes
MagicIsland 064 Locked InRooms
MagicIsland 065 Reunited
MagicIsland 066 Stealing A Sub
MagicIsland 067 The Warning Signal
MagicIsland 068 90 Second Intervals
MagicIsland 069 Attacked From The Air
MagicIsland 070 Sub Dives To 9000
MagicIsland 071 10 Seconds For The Combination
MagicIsland 072 Protection Around The Sub
MagicIsland 073 Stern Section Dumped Off
MagicIsland 074 Getting Seasick
MagicIsland 075 Another Sub Follows
MagicIsland 076 Tex Tries The Radio
MagicIsland 077 Coded Message Keynotes Hit Sub
MagicIsland 078 Sailboat Pickup
MagicIsland 079 Sprayed With A Chemcial
MagicIsland 080 Rescued By Oil Tanker
MagicIsland 081 Joan And Jerry Stay Behind
MagicIsland 082 Jerry Shows LA To Joan
MagicIsland 083 Someones In The House
MagicIsland 084 Smelling Smoke Alarms Everyone
MagicIsland 085 Planning The Return
MagicIsland 086 Joan Is Afraid
MagicIsland 087 Sailing For The Magic Island
MagicIsland 088 Joan Questions The Crew
MagicIsland 089 A Large Bad Storm Causes Problems
MagicIsland 090 Engineer Peterson Is Taken Prisoner
MagicIsland 091 Ship Arrives At The Magic Island
MagicIsland 092 The Descent Into Modern Atlantis
MagicIsland 093 Everyone Disappears
MagicIsland 094 Questioned By G-47
MagicIsland 095 A Beautiful Apartment
MagicIsland 096 The City Is Discovered
MagicIsland 097 13 Large Cave Rooms
MagicIsland 098 TheOldSkipperFoundCaringForAnimals
MagicIsland 099 Meeting Master Builder
MagicIsland 100 Artificial Volanco Eruption
MagicIsland 101 Ships Moved Away
MagicIsland 102 Comparing Notes
MagicIsland 103 The Pigeons
MagicIsland 104 Talk About Future Plans
MagicIsland 105 Jerry And Tex Disappear
MagicIsland 106 Listening To Radio Broadcast
MagicIsland 107 Aboard A Test Rocket Plane
MagicIsland 108 A Test Flight
MagicIsland 109 Instruments Have Failed
MagicIsland 110 Rocket Plane Down In The Water
MagicIsland 111 All Four Are Rescued
MagicIsland 112 Elaine Has A New Home
MagicIsland 113 An Airlock Is Discovered
MagicIsland 114 Making Escape Plans
MagicIsland 115 A Keystone Note Demonstration
MagicIsland 116 Tex Is Suspicious Of Elaine
MagicIsland 117 Daring Escape Attempt
MagicIsland 118 Landing On Lake Hollywood
MagicIsland 119 A Second Return Is Planned
MagicIsland 120 Tex Takes Off With Elaine And Is Seen
MagicIsland 121 Stopping Reporters Story
MagicIsland 122 Tex And Elaine Control Euclidia
MagicIsland 123 Motor Almost Dead
MagicIsland 124 Island Being Raised
MagicIsland 125 They Are Sinking
MagicIsland 126 On A Life Raft
MagicIsland 127 G-47 Surrenders
MagicIsland 128 G-47 Has Disappeared
MagicIsland 129 G-47 Is A Professor
MagicIsland 130 Enrolling In College

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